Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wonderful Wonderland Circular Skirt

Hello there and a happy Weekend to you all!

First of all I want to say a huge thank you for your lovely comments on my Pretty in Pink half circle skirt. You really made my day! I'll be sure to update you throughout the progress of the embroidery, I can't wait to get started! Also a big hello to my new followers, I can't believe there are 80 of you now, I'm doing a happy dance as we speak :)

But now, without further ado, the promised post of the day, the second of my two-in-two-days skirts: the  Wonderful Wonderland Circular Skirt!

My circular skirt, hurrah!

I have to say this is definitely a big success, I'm loving the circular skirt :) It was so easy to sew it was almost ridiculous, and the finished article is so flattering and fun to wear that I'm one very happy bunny (to match the happy bunnies in the fabric's print!). It's really fun to swish around in, I mean just look at the amount of fabric that's in it...

More fabric than you could shake a stick at!

And there's plenty behind too. In the skirt, you cheeky thing!

If you want to know some construction details, I sewed the zipper and hem (probably the biggest job, but it still only took an evening) by hand and also finished the waistband by hand. Other than that it was simple stitching on the machine. Oh, and I pink the seams. See, dead simple! And that's how you get a yummy new skirt in less than a day!

I <3 my circular skirt!

I purchased the fabric for this skirt from the fabulous Fancy Moon. I originally wanted to buy the White Rabbit double gauze fabric, but it was out of stock when I came to place my order. Luckily they stocked an almost identical fabric, this time in a linen cotton mix, so I went with that instead, and it turned out for the better! Because the linen blend is heavier it makes the skirt fall really nicely and gives it extra swish. Plus it's hard wearing which is always good for an everyday skirt. The fabric isn't at all stiff, just strong and flexible, a bit little a stretch denim. It's really just perfect for a skirt :)

And now for a few close ups for your viewing pleasure!

A close up of the yummy fabric, doesn't it go well with the sweater? :)

My new-to-me earrings, original 50s clip ons

Pretty skirt with pretty shoes :)

My mum and I spend today in London, which is where we took these pictures, and we had a lovely time at the Laduree cafe in Covent Garden. The sun has been coming out the UK properly at last so we ate outside.

Enjoying the sunshine and yummy food!

I bought some macaroons (swoon! Heaven in my mouth!) and ate them on the train home. I felt very posh and decadent, which is always fun! Plus the colours went with my outfit, so hurrah!

Laduree Macaroons = Pure Heaven

So yes, there you have it, another splendid skirt to add to my wardrobe. This skirt is great because it will go with a great many of my other clothes. Today I wore it with my Briar Rose Knit Along Sweater as you can see, but I think it would go perfectly with my Enchanting in Black and White Sweater and my Pendrell Blouse too. Of course the one thing this skirt is crying out for is a petticoat, something I still have not added to my wardrobe, but making this skirt has convinced me that the first project I should take on when I get back from Austria is a petticoat! So watch this space, petticoats will be coming soon, I promise!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, and that it's filled with twirling swirling skirts and swinging around lampposts to show them off. Of perhaps that's just me... :)

What silly behaviour! :)

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

I just made a circle skirt this past year as well. They are so fun for swishing around in! Yours looks lovely. And it goes perfectly with your sweater an shoes. The pink half circle skirt is really pretty too. Congrats on being so productive!

Hannah said...

Very cute skirt well done, oh my macaroons cannot go wrong with them! x

Tasha said...

So adorable, I love the fabric! Such a cute skirt, and looks great with your Briar Rose (and I'm sure will with the other items you suggested as well). Very fun!

Jo said...

Your skirt is so pretty! <3 I love the cute fabric!

Lost in the Haze

Foodycat said...

There is a Laduree cafe in Covent Garden now? From the picture it looks like you are right next to the Apple Store, is that right?

Lovely skirt, lovely shoes!

Miss Marie said...

Laduree macaroons are the best. And it's always fun having sweets and cakes match your outfit!

Faff said...

Ooh I love swishy skirts, this ones perfect! Cant believe you sewed part of it by hand tho, thats a great accomplishment! :)

Miss Katie said...

mala-14 - Thanks for the lovely comment, everybody should have circular skirts in their lives, they're so much fun :)

Hannah - thank you, and yes I love macaroons, I miss them already...

Tasha - thank you, and I especially love it BECAUSE is goes with my Briar Rose :)

Jo - thank you!

Foodycat - there is indeed, it's where the cornish pasty place in the square used to be, so it' opposite the apple store. Go, it's awesome! And thank you :)

Miss Marie - they were so yummy, I should have bought more! And yes, I enjoy looking like a cake :)

Faff - Thank you for your comment, you're very sweet :) I love sewing by hand, it's more sociable for one as you can do it comfortably around other people and it also makes the garment more personal I think :)

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