Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pin Up Embroidery: Girl #4

I'm halfway through my Pin Ups! Woohoo! I really have started to get a great turn over with these lovely ladies, I think perhaps it's because I'm throwing myself into crafting to try and forget about being homesick... 

Anyway, here she is, number four, Tara the Trapeze Artist!

Tara the Trapeze Artist

This Pin Up's name came from the detail that I added to her bodice. I started adding swirls and whirls to make her look a little more interesting, and the more I added the more she looked like a show girl to me! I like to think of her flying through the air on the trapeze, covered in sequins, multicoloured petticoats rustling :) I also gave her lacy stocking tops to match her bodice, I think they look pretty adorable!

Tara, Close Up 1 

Tara, Close Up 2

I really like how Tara has turned out, I just used the split stitch for her outlines, but when it came to the detailing I just worked by eye without preplanning, which was very different for me and also very satisfying. The more of these Pin Ups I complete the more I become confident in my stitching abilities, it's a great feeling!

Pin Up number four done! Halfway through!

Only four more of these ladies left now, I want to try and make each one better than the last. Hopefully it won't be long now before I have a glorious skirt to wear! How exciting :)

Bye for now my lovely readers, and a very happy Tuesday to you all!


Barn House Antiques said...

Excellent...they just keep getting better!

Miss Katie said...

Thank you! I think she's my favourite yet :)

Wendy said...

Wow your whipping these up so quickly!! I think Tara is definitely my favourite...well so far! Lovely!

LandGirl1980 said...

SUCH neat stitches! Looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

The ruffly skirt is just too cute!

bohemian&Co said...

That is lovely! How creative you are :) I am happy to had found this blog (completely by accident). I will follow you!
Smuakes from Spain.

Miss Marie said...

I'm just loving all your girls! Embroidery is wonderful isn't it, especially in the style you're doing it with simple lines, mostly un-filled. You really get to see pictures coming to life so quickly and satisfyingly.

I still remember when I first did embroidery at high school. Everyone else in class was doing flowers and bunnies and I decided to embroider the cover of my favourite band at the time. I was going through a punky phase and my teacher wasn't impressed by my choice of subject... until I actually started stitching and she was in absolute raptures over my neat hand and beautiful creation! I wonder what she would have to say to your pin-ups? Perhaps a little risque, but she would have to love your fine stitching!

Keep up the great work!

Hannah said...

This skirt is going to be amazing! Tara is a doll x

Uhooi said...

The workmanship is good and beautiful,,


Miss Katie said...

Wendy - thank you!

LandGirl1980 - Thanks, I'm glad you like :)

mala-14 - I know, I kind of want one for myself...!

bohemian&Co - Thank you, it's lovely to have you here, and thank you for following!

Miss Marie - Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I would have loved to see that embroidery project of yours, it sounds amazing!

Hannah - Thank you, I can't wait until it's finished and I can actually wear it!

Uhooi - Thank you :)

Amy said...

Love it!

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