Sunday, 24 July 2011

As happy as a flea at a flea market!

Yesterday was my second to last day in Austria and so I decided to spend it doing something I knew I would enjoy, rummaging around the town flea market! The lucky residents of Linz have a huge flea market every Saturday morning (and also a farmer's market on a Friday) and as soon as I found out about it I knew I had to pay it a visit before the end of my trip. I even managed to persuade several of my cast mates that a flea market is worth a trip out, so I felt very pleased with myself and then prayed that the market would deliver on my promises and expectations. I shouldn't have worried!

The bustling market of Linz

The main square was stuffed with stalls and the variety was great, there was definitely something for everyone to be found if you took the time to look. There were some very specific stalls, selling just books or jewelry or paintings, but my favourites were definitely the more "junk" style ones with anything and everything crammed together. It gave me the chance to have a good old rummage which I always love :)

Junk stalls rock my world!

I'm pretty sure that some of my cast mates may have thought me a little strange for how giddy I became at the sight of all the stalls and as I flitted around making sure I gave everything a thorough viewing, but at the same time I think I may have converted a few of them to the joys of the thrifting way of life, so my work here is done!

Books - if only I could read German!

One of many beautiful paintings

Stacks of buttons and beads, swoon!

I spy fabric...

General nick nack-ery :)

Who wouldn't love a place where you can pick up
a crystal decanter and a violin at the same time?!

And now for the exciting bit, my purchases! I'm sure you will remember me bemoaning my lack of wiggle room when it comes to my baggage allowance - curse you Ryan air! - but that didn't stop me getting some treats. First up these beautiful brooches, I just fell in love with the little fly (I have named him Archibald) and the little acorns were too adorable to leave behind :)

Beautiful brooches!

And of course I couldn't go past a button stall without buying some buttons! Take a look:

Beautiful buttons!

And finally I picked up this gorgeous vintage buckle at the end of the market, just as everyone was packing up, so I got it for a song :) I'm dreaming of the outfits that I can make around it...

Beautiful buckle!

I'm a very satisfied flea market rummager right now :) Have you found anything fabulous through rummaging recently? I'd love to hear about it if you have!

I hope you've all had marvelous Weekends, check back for some new posts soon!


Hannah said...

The jewellery is beautiful, love the acorns. I get so giddy at flea markets x

Debi said...

ooohh! I LOVE flea markets! You found some awesome finds!

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful finds! I'm jealous. ;)

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