Sunday, 3 July 2011

And I'm Off!

For three and a half weeks to the wonderful land of Austria. I'm not sure what the internet will be like in the hotel I'm staying, but hopefully I'll still be able to post often. I've got so many blog posts planned, if I can't write them my brain might go kaboom! 

Going away is always a bit sad for me, but to perk me up I thought I'd show you some of the things that have been making me happy recently. Enjoy!

New to me 1950s clip on earrings

Macaroon towers!

Chandelier of dreams

Fancy stacked chips

Heavenly macaroons

Vintage fabric and vintage pattern

Uncut 1950s dress fabric, swoon!

Embroidery floss, all pastel and gorgeous and ready to go

Freshly painted nails, red naturally :)

Perfect roses from my perfect Sweetheart xxx

Well, I've got a plane to catch, so I'll see you in Austria!

Bye for now my lovelies :)


MissGinger said...

have a fabulous time - and that fabric is stunning! x

Isis said...

Have fun!

(And I wonder, did the felt flower arrive? I have no faith whatsoever in the Swedish postal system.)

Hannah said...

Have a great time! x

Liz said...

Have a wonderful time :)

Miss Katie said...

Thank you all! I'm excited to start now :)

Miss Tami Lee said...

Oh fun! Have a great trip :D

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