Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pin Up Embroidery: Girl #3

It seems that I'm really getting on a roll with these Pin Ups, that's the third one finished already! Hurrah, huzzah!

I have names this lovely Scarlet the Starlet because she looks like she could be famous for high kicking, or something like that... :)

Scarlet the Starlet!

In comparison to Marilyn Scarlet is more simple, I've not added anything too fancy to her basic design, just some pretty stripes to her bolero and some extra curls in her hair. I think this makes her look sweet and simple and I like that.

Scarlet Close Up

I'm also really in love with the colours of her outfit, the mint green and buttercup yellow, it's such a pretty combination. Plus, who wouldn't want their shoes to match their slip perfectly? :)

Pin Up number 3, done!!

So there you have it, number three all done and dusted! These Pin Ups make me so happy, I love the way they grow from nothing and they look so pretty altogether, this is definitely going to be a skirt to treasure forever!

Again thank you for the love you have been showing this project of mine, I'm so happy that so many of you seem inspired to start embroidering projects of your own, I'm thrilled! Do get in touch if you have any questions about how to get started, or if you want to share your own projects with me, I'd love to help or see what you create :)

Happy sewing lovely people!


Kate O said...

Wow! I've only just taken up embroidery and can't begin to imagine doing anything as awesome as this - well done! Kate x

Barn House Antiques said...

Excellent job! Well done

Isis said...

They are all awfully cute!

Debi said...

I am LOVING all your embroidery! This one is just fantastic!!!

Daisie said...

Perfectly Adorable !

Kelly-Marie said...

I am loving these so much, I think this one is my favourite. Can't wait to see the whole skirt. x

Hannah said...

This is so cute! x

Anonymous said...

Love the bolero stripes! I think it's just awesome the way you come up with the little details that make each girl special.

Miss Katie said...

Kate O - It's a lot easier than you think you know! Just doing these girls has improved my techniques tenfold :) Thanks for the comment!

Barn House Antiques - Thank you :)

Isis - Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

Debi - Thank you so much :)

Daisie - Thank you, I think she's adorable too :)

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