Friday, 31 August 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #85

Hello there my lovely readers, remember when it was Wednesday? Let's just pretend it's still Wednesday ok? :) Things have been a little crazy in my small patch of the world recently, I won't bore you with the details but let's just say finalising things with the new flat and having many auditions doesn't leave much time for blogging! But that doesn't make these Wonderfuls any less wonderful, so let's get to it shall we?

Images, Clockwise from Top Left:
1. Scones will always make me happy, 2. New crochet colour scheme, I'm hopelessly addicted! 3. Looking for inspiration,
4. This will be mine soon... 5. Ripply crochet, oh yeaaah! 6. Gin + Raspberries = happy days

As always the blogosphere was full of lovely stuff this week, but here are my personal picks:

Well that's about it from me to today, I'll be back soon with more bloggy goodness as things are finally starting to calm down for me again!

Bye for now

Katie xxx

Monday, 27 August 2012

My First EVER Completed Crochet Project!

Hello there my lovely readers! Remember that time, not so long ago, when I was teaching myself to crochet? Well, now this has happened...

My newly completed Granny Square crochet blanket!!!!

Ahhh!!! Can you even believe it?!! My first ever completed crochet project! A giant blanket of crochet goodness! I'm still a little bit overwhelmed that I was able to create this beast, and yes it has taken a while but I'm so in love with it that the wait was definitely worth it :)

Pretty uniform squares all crocheted together, be still my beating heart :)

A lot of credit really has to go to the amazing Dana of Crafty Minx and her wonderful online crochet course (completely free and so easy to follow) which taught me everything I know about this addictive art. Seriously, if you are thinking of learning to crochet you couldn't ask for a better course or teacher, Dana is so clear and brilliant, I learnt so much and everything just flowed. The only problem is I'm now a hopeless crochet addict to go with my already being a hopeless sewing and knitting addict. Ah well :)

Look how nicely it fits on the end of my bed :)

I found the pattern for this blanket of joy here, and it's a lovely free online pattern (originally for a pillow but not hard at all to change into a blanket), so you can give it a go if you feel like it! It's actually a fairly simple pattern, as a beginner I didn't find it all that hard, and of course, the more squares you make the better you get at them :) Although you may not want to make as huge a blanket as I did for your first ever project! Once I got started I just couldn't stop!

It's just so snuggly I want to jump on it!

So there you have it, my first crochet blanket! And I've already started my next one...! I am totally in love with crochet, so expect lots my projects to be shared in the near future :)

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to snuggly under this a so cosy blanket!

Bye for now,

Katie xxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

I recently read this blog post over at the wonderful Sometimes Sweet and it got me thinking about the differences between my blog world/real world. Blogging is a wonderful thing but we all censor ourselves a little bit don't we? There are certain things we choose not to share with our readers, which is completely natural, but sometimes I think it's pretty cool to have a little peak into someone's real life and see the actual person behind the blog.  So in the name of if-not-full-at-least-part disclosure, I thought I'd take a leaf out of Danielle's book and give you a bit more of a personal glimpse into my life. Here goes...

If you really knew me...

you'd know that I'm a secret blogger. Hardly any people from my real life read my blog as I was always worried people would laugh and not understand why I would want to write a blog. It's only quite recently that I've told more of my friends about this blog and been brave enough to show them every side of my personality.

you'd know that I can't bring myself to eat baked beans. There's just something about them, they freak me out.

you'd know how much this blog means to me. I never could have imagined when I started writing this blog (nearly two years ago!) how much I would learn about myself, how many wonderful people I would meet and how many opportunities would start to open up for me. I'm so thankful for this outlet which makes my life that little bit brighter and more colourful and I'm so grateful for each one of you that takes the time to read it :)

you'd know that I'm currently in the process of moving in with my Sweetheart and the whole thing simultaneously thrills and terrifies me. Whilst the idea of living with my first and only love brings me more joy than I could possibly imagine, it's also the most scared I have been about doing anything in a long time. Plus moving out of my family home and living away from my parents really devastates me. Sometimes it's the things we want the most that can be the hardest things to do.

you'd know that one day I'd like to get a tattoo. I've already got the design all worked out and the placement picked, it's a matter of finding the right artist and saving the money. And of course working in a job that allows me to be tattooed (one of the downsides of working in the theatre!)

you'd know that I have a collection of hundreds of musical theatre CDs and I know pretty much all of the words to every single one.

you'd know that I speak to my Mum at least twice a day every single day. She is my best friend, we share pretty much everything and I will never forget how lucky I am to have her.

you'd know that it's my dream to one day own my own business. I'm not sure what I'd do quite yet, I have so many different ideas at any one time, but the thought of working for myself makes me so happy! It's the biggest dream I have and I really hope it comes true one day.

you'd know that something I can't stand is people being impolite. I cannot bear it when someone talks to me in a rude or disdainful manner, or cuts a queue or doesn't wait for other people to get off of the tube before they barge on themselves. Things like that really get my goat! It's just simple manners, it's really not that hard! *And breathe*

you'd know that I still buy hard copies of books, CDs and DVDs (I tried a kindle once and it was just too lifeless), that my favourite part of a holiday is coming home, that ET the extra terrestrial scares the bejesus out of me, that I have a strange obsession with vintage luggage and a need to buy every piece I see, that I one day to hope to own a pug, that I have a hopeless sci fi/fantasy addiction (The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel, Star Wars, the list goes on), that I'd choose a tea party over a wild night out any day, that I worry about pretty much everything and everyone, that I have a hopeless cake addiction, and that I have the biggest girl crush ever on Dita Von Teese and if I was ever lucky enough to meet her there's a good chance I would propose to her.

So, how about you my lovely readers? :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #84

Hello there lovely readers, a very happy Wednesday to you all!

This week has definitely been crochet central, as you can probably tell from my pictures! I have almost finished my first ever crochet project, a crocheted blanket, and I cannot wait to share it with you soon. It was a tad ambitious for my first project I think, but I'm totally in love with it and I know it will be perfect for snuggling under :)

Images, Each Line from Left to Right:
1. Beautiful BFF! 2. Hello baked Alaska :) 3. I miss my hair like this
4. Crochet on the train 5. It's coming along...! 6. My crochet filled case :)
7. Chocolate chip banana bread 8. Pretty stained glass :) 9. Blueberry and white chocolate cupcake

But enough about me and my crochet (although I could talk about it for hours, it is seriously addictive!) let's get on with this week's wonderfuls!

Yay for another week of wonderfuls! Now, if you'll excuse me I have a crochet blanket to complete...!

Bye for now!

Katie xxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Perfectly Parisian Patisserie Pyjamas!

Project: My first pair of Pyjamas
Stash Buster? sort of...
Items From Stash: the fabric is a new addition to the stash, I think it counts!
Date Started: June 2012
Date Finished: August 2012
New Techniques Used: excessive use of piping, pattern altering and button embroidery
Wear Again? Every night forever if I can!

Hello lovely readers! So what do you think of my new PJs?! I really do love them, they make the whole process of going to bed altogether more pretty and cute! I know, what a loser, right? :)

Anyways, I first decided that I wanted to make myself some new PJs after my extensive watching of the New Girl (remember how much I love that show?). Zooey Deschanel rocks some seriously cute pyjamas in that show, super cute colours with contrast piping, so I knew I needed to get some of these in my life. And when I found the Simplicity Pattern 1325 on ebay in my size going for a song I knew that it was fate! So now all I needed was some cute fabric...

New Girl was once again my fashion inspiration, and check out my uber cute pattern! 

Now you may or may not recall my fabulous trip to Paris with my Sweetheart earlier this year. Whilst there I visited the amazing fabric shops in Montmartre and discovered this swoonworthy pink toile cotton. It was so whimsical and pretty that I knew that I had found the perfect PJ fabric! And the more that I looked at it the more it reminded me of the colour scheme of the incredible patisserie Laduree that I had been frequenting on my visit (seriously, how many macaroons can one girl eat?!), so I decided that these pyjamas would be based on that scrummy place, a constant reminder of my love of Belle Paris. So of course I had to buy some pale blue cotton for contrast piping details ;)

And yes, before you ask I do keep my Laduree macaroon boxes, and yes these macaroons were bought especially for this shoot, and yes they were delicious :)

The sugar rush was clearly affecting my brain by this point...

This pattern was a real joy to work with, as I have found all 1950s Simplicity patterns are (my 1950s Novelty Print Book dress also used one of these patterns and you all know how much I love that!), but I did have to make a few alterations here and there. I added a bit of extra width and length to the trousers (my behind needs space to breathe!), but the biggest change was altering the shirt to be able to add piping. The original pattern suggested bias biding to be sewn on top of the collar for detail, but I knew I wanted piping and for it to be sewn into the seams, so I had to alter the shirt front pieces and redraft the collar in order to do this. It was pretty complicated but I think you'll agree the finished look is worth it! 

A close up of my piping and hand embroidered buttons

This project is also an example of how I tend to over complicate things for myself. The pattern is fairly simple and technically I could have been finished a lot quicker than I was, except I decided that I had to have contrast piping, which I made myself (bias binding made from blue cotton and then sewed over some cord using a zipper foot) and then had to sew into all the (newly altered) pattern pieces before I could even construct the pyjamas. Oh and then I decided that embroidered buttons were the only way to go. See what I mean about over complicating? :) But in the end I think it's those extra details that make these pyjamas so special, and I really do love them to pieces. 

Is this not just the perfect colour palette?

See? I look like a box of macaroons!

Some people may think I'm a bit mental to have put so much time and effort into a pair of pyjamas that will never leave the house, but I'm a firm believer in feeling good in every aspect of your life, so a little bit of pretty before bedtime goes a long way :) 

Hello, my name is Katie and I have a macaroon addiction...

I hope you like the pyjamas and are at once filled with the urger to dress like confectionary yourselves! Now if you'll excuse me I have some lounging to do :)

Katie xxx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #83

Hello there my lovely readers and a very happy Wednesday to you all!

First up I want to thank you all for your lovely comments on my newly completed pyjamas! I'm thrilled that so many of you like them, I love them (in fact I'm wearing them whilst I type this!) and I'll be sharing a detailed post about them very soon :)

And secondly thank you so much for your kind words of support after my last Wednesday Wonderfuls post, it means such a lot to me. I'm feeling much more positive about the future at the moment, after all you never know what exciting thing might be waiting around the corner!

Images, Each Line from Left to Right:
1. Salted Caramel Cupcake, 2. Cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie, 3. My little personal tea party!
4. PJs and Macaroons :) 5. A beautiful new place... 6. Fancy new hair!
7. Peanut butter banana cream pie *swoon* 8. More cupcakes! 9. Lemon and Raspberry, one of the best combinations ever!

If you look at the above pictures I suppose you would think this week has been rather cake and hair central, and you'd be right! I have both baked and eaten my fair share of treats this week, and have been incredibly happy to find two new cake shops both of which made some of the best cakes I have ever sampled. Can you tell that I'm rather fond of cake?! And after my haircut last week I have been having great fun with hair setting, it looks pretty good, no? I feel like I've finally found the length of hair that works best for me so I'm thrilled about that! And in other news my Sweetheart and I have decided to move in together when I've finished my tour, so the house hunting has begun! To rent, not to buy, but still exciting nonetheless :) Think of all the vintage/crafty home posts I'll be able to write about getting a new place all cute! Very exciting indeed :)

But enough about me! Let's get on the the Wonderfuls... enjoy!

Have a wonderful week lovely readers, drop by again soon!

Bye for now,

Katie xxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Me-Made-Monday #5

Hello there lovely readers, welcome to another Me-Made-Monday! I'm very excited about sharing this Me-Made outfit with you, it's a recently completed project of mine: my first pair of homemade pyjamas!

Pyjamas: Made By Me

I adore these pyjamas, they are so cosy I didn't want to take them off! They are particularly special to me as I purchased the gorgeous toile fabric on my recent trip to Paris, so these pyjamas will forever remind me of that beautiful city and how much I love it there. But more on that when I show you these pjs in detail, for now just enjoy this little sneak peek, maybe as much as I'm enjoying my macaroons...!

Bye for now!

Katie xxx

P.S. What are you thinking of my new haircut/colour? Are you fans?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #82

Hello there my lovely readers, Happy Wednesday to you all!

Well, it's been a funny old week in the Little Red Squirrel world...

Images, Each line from Left to Right:
1. A beautiful blueberry cupcake, 2. I <3 Ice Cream! 3. My banana, walnut and chocolate cookie cake,
4. My earrings matched my dress :) 5. New hair makes me happy 6. Embroidered buttons on my nearly completed PJs
7. Vintage goodies, 8. The shop that the goodies came from! 9. These didn't fit me *sob!*

I had a wonderful time in Cardiff, seriously, what a gorgeous city! I'm so happy that I got to spend time there, I found some brilliant shops and had a very lovely time indeed :) But now I find myself back at home (big, big yay! so happy about this!) and I'm starting to see the light at the end of tunnel with my current job. Acting contracts only ever last for a limited amount of time, and after almost a year of working with the same bunch of gorgeous people on the same show it's now starting to hit home that the next time I have any time off it will be because this job is over and I'm another unemployed actor. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, this type of thing is kind of what you sign up for if you decide to be a performer for a living, but it's all a bit bitter sweet and I've been finding myself in slight states of melancholy, looking back over the past (almost) year. However, this period of upcoming change has made me realise just how thankful I am for the good things in my life. And one of those things is most definitely this blog and each and every one of you who take the time out of your busy lives to read it. I cannot describe how much that means to me. Even though I have a feeling that my life may be a little bit complicated in the near future having this little happy place brings me a lot of joy, so thank you all so much :)

Well, that was an uncharacteristically deep look into my week, but hopefully if I can quickly distract you with some Wonderfuls you won't mind! So bring on the Wonderfuls!

Well that's it for another week of Wonderfuls, I'll see you again soon my lovely readers, hopefully to share a new project or two :)

Bye for now,

Katie xxx

Friday, 3 August 2012

UFO/Stash Busting Project, Bi Monthly Round Up - June/July!

Hello there my lovely Stash Busting friends and welcome to the Bi Monthly Round Up for the UFO/Stash Busting Project! Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in their projects, I love that so many of you want to get involved, and so many new people this time too! I love getting your submissions and seeing what you've been creating, so thank you and congratulations on some gorgeous makes :) So, let's see what beauties have been Stash Busted over the last few months...

Anushka of Anushka Tay
Anushka's Dress

Anushka, I know this is a bit forward, but after reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous projects I think I my have fallen in love with you! Seriously readers, this girl has serious style! YOu must go and check her blog out this second and you will not be disappointed :) Over the past two months Anushka finally completed this lovely UFO dress and also made a ridiculously gorgeous pair of trousers completely from items from her Stash! Well done Anushka and I look forward to reading your blog from now on :)

Cassie of Cassie Stephens
Cassie's Dress

Cassie can always be counted on for a fabulous creation or two, and this round up is no exception! Just take a look at her Presley Poodle dress, isn't it adorable? Plus I think that she gets extra points just because she has sausage dogs on there too :)

Denise of Dottie Doodle
Denise's Dress

This is Denise's first time in the UFO/Stash Busting Project, so welcome Denise! Denise has two UFO projects to share with us, this Vogue Skirt and this rather gorgeous Hazel dress. Doen't she look glamourous in it? :)

Kerry of Kestrel Finds and Makes
Kerry's Throw

I was very excited to receive a UFO/Stash Busting entry from Kerry because I've been reading her blog for a while *secret blog crush!* Welcome Kerry, and I'm totally in love with how you turned a rather lumpy cardigan into a gorgeous throw, I'd love one of these for my house!

Lynne of Sewing Cafe
Lynne's Bag

Lyne has once again had a very productive couple of months, seriously, this woman can sew! First up she recycled lots of jeans into what can only be described as the best floor mat EVER (if I were you Lynne I couldn't bear to tread on it!) and some completely stunning bags made of fabric scraps. I am very envious of your talents, Lynne!

Marisa of Vintage Tagebuch
Marisa's Pyjama Pants

Marisa, I am loving your "giant and comfy" pyjama pants! Congrats on sewing your first ever piece of clothing, it's gorgeous and you should be very proud :)

Melissa of The Hijabi Sews
Melissa's Dress

Melissa is another newbie to the Project, so a big hello to you Melissa! Melissa has completed three UFO/Stash Busting Projects, my personal favourite is this adorable sense and sensibility girls' dress but she also completed these linen placemats and this cute bag. Good going Melissa!

Nicole of Nicole Needles
Nicole's Blouse

Doesn't Nicole look the total Glamour Puss in this picture? This blouse is just one of the UFOs she has recently completed, she's also created a window seat and a stunning scarf! Seriously, she's one classy lady :)

Sabrina of Mala-14
Sabrina's Dress

Sabrina is another girl who's sewing talents never cease to amaze me, I adore this dress she has made (stunning Stash Buster!), and this baby blanket is just too cute! But as always it is her corsetry that makes me swoon :)

Susan of Snippa
Susan's Jacket

Susan, can you make one of these jackets for me please? How beautiful! And Susan has also made a serious dent in her yarn stash with some cute socks and some knitted squares (I'm intrigued to see what they'll turn into!). Another very productive couple of months, well done Susan!

Wendy of The Butterfly Balcony
Wendy's Beach Top

Shut Up Wendy, this top is amazing! As always you have created not one but TWO stunning pieces of Stash Busting goodness! Check out Wendy's beach top and her equally amazing crewel embroidery here, plus there's a how-to as well!

Congratulations again to you all, and thank you again for getting involved!

UFO/Stash Busting for all!

Katie xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #81

Happy there lovely readers! Greeting once again from Cardiff!

It's been a great week at my end, we had some beautiful weather and I got to spend time with both my parents and my Sweetheart. I feel very blessed right now :)

Images, each line from Left to Right:
1. The big wheel! 2. New phone, new cover, new apps, 3. Ice cream with my Sweetie,
4. Cream tea, 5. Berry tea, 6. Tea and cake
7. Beautiful breakfast! 8. Exterminate! 9. Is this not the prettiest owl ever?!

Cardiff really is one of the most beautiful cities, I feel very lucky to have been working so close to the bay and getting to opportunity to regularly visit the city centre too. Over the past few days I have visited Cardiff Castle, the Doctor Who Experience, Pettigrew's Tea Room (which was dreamy by the way!) and generally enjoyed myself :) Since being here I have also discovered the most beautiful vintage shop, but more on that another day...! One thing I have been doing in Wales is eat. A lot. The food here is beautiful, I feel like I must have put on at least a stone since I got here! Basically I've been having a wonderful time and I would throughly recommend anyone visiting this gorgeous city!

But enough about me, let's see what you lovely people have been writing about on the blogosphere this week...

Enjoy the rest of your weeks lovely readers, I'll be back again soon.

Katie xxx
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