Monday, 18 July 2011

I've got connected!

Hello lovely readers, happy Monday to you all!

I just wanted to drop in to let you know that I have connected The Little Red Squirrel to the social networking world, you can now follow me on Twitter and on Facebook! Just follow the links on the right and, as if by magic, you'll be there :) I've also added my email too, because if you have anything to ask me or just fancy dropping a line I'd love to hear from you!

I'll be using both Twitter and Facebook to show sneaks peaks of my work and also for more informal updates between posts, so come along and join the fun!

Bye for now!


Kate O said...

Oh dear, I do not get along with Twitter at all! Perhaps you could branch out into the medium of hand-written letters? I'd subscribe!! ;)

Kate x

Miss Katie said...

You're right Kate, hand written letters are much nicer than boring old twitter! If only I had the time and money I start an old school newsletter, I'd really like that! You've got my mind going now... :)

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