Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Vintage Hair Diary - Mini Hair Adventure #1

Hello there and welcome back to my Vintage Hair Diary! You may or may not remember that I started this diary back in May, trying to find the perfect way to set my hair. Now one of the downsides of touring is that I am unable to cart all my hair products and tools around with me so I have been unable to continue with my hair experiments for some time now, boo! It's sad not having pretty vintage hair, especially when you read blogs that seem to be full of gorgeous girls with luscious locks! Well, I was getting fed up with having between-shows hair - a very sad look to be sure! - so I decided that I would experiment with some different vintage styles for the rest of my time in Austria, and so my Mini Hair Adventures were born!

I have been searching the blogosphere, youtube and the general internet for tutorials on how to create pretty vintage hairstyles, and I'm so excited to try them out! I've found some really lovely ones that actually look surprisingly easy, so we'll see what happens... But without further ado let me share with you my first Mini Hair Adventure:

Ooo, fancy no? :)

This tutorial from the lovely Casey of Elegant Musings is brilliant, it involves a little pomp at the front of the hair then a high pony tail with a fancy hair wrapped hair band (unfortunately you can't see this detail in my pictures, but believe me, it's there and it's fancy!). All in all it creates a lovely 50s esque summery style, and I like it :)

One side of the "do"

The other side of the "do"

One of the best things about things about this hair style is that it looks great with my natural curly hair! Usually I need to straighten the front of my hair to give it a smooth finish (the front of my hair gets quite a few little fly aways if I don't do this!) but this style doesn't seem affected by that, which is great for a non-time consuming look. I do wish I had had some pomade with me to make the sides really sleek, but other than that I really like this look. It's nice to have a 50s look as I usually wear my hair in 40s inspired ways, after all variety is the spice of life :) 

50s hair is fun!

I completed my 50s summer look with a yummy tiki print dress (a gift from my Sweetheart, he's so good to me!) and some great lucite clip on earrings. Plus this new do gave me a reason to prance around in my new sunglasses (a gift from one of my fabulous cast mates, thanks Kam!) which is always a plus!

Awesome sunglasses, happy days!

I hope you've enjoyed this first of my Mini Hair Adventures, do give Casey's tutorial a go, it's brilliant. I have lots of other tutorials in the pipeline to try out so watch this space for more yummy hair goodness :)

Bye for now!


Barn House Antiques said...

It looks great, I will be giving it a try!

Kelly-Marie said...

So pretty, that style really suits you. x

Nattie said...

Pretty hair do.....I have curly hair too, but too often pop a scarf on....MUST TRY HARDER!!!!!
Nattie x

Casey said...

So gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting a little review of the tutorial--I love how your hair looks in this 'do! :) I'm especially excited since your hair has a lot more texture than mine (which while naturally wavy, I can smooth the wave out a bit with some good brushing)--and I've been getting a lot of questions as to whether this would work for curlier hair.

Wendy said...

Lovely mini hair adventure!

Miss Katie said...

Barn House Antiques - You should, it's a simple and fun!

Kelly Marie - Thank you! This is a really change for me because I haven't worn my hair in a pony tail for years, so I'm glad you approve :)

Nattie - Ah yes, the good old scarf, friend to all with curly hair :) I need to try harder too, that's one of the reasons for these hair diaries!

Casey - Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it, it was from your tutorial after all :) This is a really good style for curly hair, to be honest I really like most of your tutorials because your hair has body and texture because then I know that (with some tweeky!) they'll probably work for my curls too.

Wendy - Thank you! You've now got me thinking about that car advert, "it's a mini adventure" :)

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