Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Vandering in Vienna

Hello lovely readers and a very happy Tuesday to you all!

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my adventures in Vienna. I went there yesterday on my first day off of the tour, a welcome break after an eight show week! Although the day started badly with very grey and rainy weather and delayed trains, the weather and circumstances soon picked up and the city just looked glorious in the sunshine!

I scoured the city in my search for vintage shops, but to no avail. Any shops that I had found during online searches had vanished into thin air, which was a real shame. I did come across one rather interesting shop that I thought I'd share with you though. It was called "Decennies" and it's tag line is "Vintage Style - The Special Way of Living" which made me smile :)

The store front 

This place was stuffed with reproduction vintage dresses and although at first I was totally overcome by the bright colours, the petticoats, the patterns on the fabrics (strawberries, pin up girls, cherries, all very cute indeed!), it soon began to feel a little cold to me, especially when I checked out the prices (400 euros for a dress, I don't think so!).

Now I'm in no way knocking reproduction vintage, because I myself reproduce vintage clothes all the time, but times like this make me so happy that I can sew! I can produce one of these dresses at a fraction of the cost and make it perfect for me, and I feel very lucky to have that option! I would rather spend my money on fabrics for my own creations or on genuine vintage that has real history than something more mass produced. I guess I've just become turned off from buying anything new since I start my "Make-Not-Buy" Challenge!

Although I was saddened by the lack of vintage clothes in Vienna I did find some gorgeous antiques shops, one of which was stuffed with beautiful paintings, I wanted to take most of them home!

Isn't she beautiful?

I love how the frame of the picture below is made to feel as though you were looking through a key hole at this into a boudoir, how very naughty!


I also got rather too excited over a selection of dogs in bows, this little chap was my favourite. I can't decide whether he's adorable or hideous and I like that :) I wonder how my Sweetheart would have felt if I'd brought one of these home...!

Dog + Bow = Awesome

I have a lot more photos of Vienna to share with you but I think I'm going to do a big bumper Austrian photos post at the end of my trip, the pictures look so pretty all together! For now I will leave you with a shot of one of my favourite perts of the day: Ice Cream time!

Hurrah for strawberry Ice Cream!

That's it from me for today but join me again soon for some embroidery updates and other exciting new posts I've got planned. Are you intrigued? I hope so!

Bye for now!


Tori said...

What a wonderful post!! I have to admit, I have never known much about Vienna. Thank you so much for sharing, it has opened my eyes to the possibility of going there some day! Yay for strawberry ice cream and beautiful pics!! Lovely to meet you and your blog, love Tori xxx

Miss Katie said...

Thank you Tori, what a lovely comment you've made my day! Vienna really is gorgeous, it was a real shame I could only go for a day, I'm sure there is much more to see! It's lovely to meet you too, thanks for visiting :) xxx

Hannah said...

Vienna looks so beautiful, and you look lovely x

Miss Katie said...

Thank you Hannah :)

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