Tuesday, 28 February 2012

UFO/Stash Busting Project, Monthly Round Up - February!

Welcome to the first ever Monthly Round Up of the UFO/Stash Busting Project! I had the pleasure this week of sorting through all the projects that were submitted for February's Round Up and there are some absolute beauties, let me tell you. I'm so thrilled that I finally get to share them with all of you. 

So without further ado let me introduce you to some fabulous Stash Busting super stars!

First up we have the lovely Nicole of Nicole Needles - Adventures in Sewing, with a project that is just perfect for all those scraps of fabric you may have in your stash: a Wrist PinCushion! I love the fabric, I need one of these in my life! And it would also make a great gift for a fellow sewing enthusiast :)

Nicole's Wrist Pin Cushion 

Susan of Snippa managed to complete two UFOs recently, and very lovely they are too! I think that both this Work Blouse and this Grey Shift Dress are very chic and sophisticated, well done Susan!

Susan's work blouse and grey shift dress

Now, Lynne from Sewing Cafe is constantly wowing me with her stunning creations (Wonder Woman Outfit anyone?!) and her UFO/Stash Busting this month is no different! Lynne has three projects to offer up, a stunning blouse (which she is also entering into the Eva Dress Competition), a beautifully tailored jacket and a knitted sweater too, just for good measure. Why, yes Lynne, I'll take one of each please, if you're asking :)

Lynne's blouse, jacket and sweater

Anyone who knows me well will know about my love of lingerie and all things undergarment-wise, so I was blown away when Sabrina submitted her stunning Corset and Petticoat for the Monthly Round Up. Prepare to swoon at the beauty of these now completed UFOs, they're simply gorgeous! 

Sabrina's Corset and Petticoat

Of course Stash Busting can be quite hard from the to time, so I'm happy to include this post from Liz Makes it about Stash Busting. You may not have made much headway yet Liz, but when you do I'm sure you'll create something beautiful :)

Liz Makes It

I'm sure that you all know the fabulous Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones, and have been keeping up with the Sew Colette sew along that she has been hosting with Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy. So far they have tackled the Meringue skirt and have almost finished with the Pastille dress, it's a gorgeous sew along so do check it out if you haven't already. Anyways, it turns out that Sarah's Meringue Skirt was made of items all found in her stash, so I'm happy to include it here, and isn't it pretty? :)

Sarah's Meringue Skirt

Following on nicely from the Sew Colette sew along is Alyssa from Hems to Dolls who actually took part in the sew along and created a lovely checked version of the Meringue Skirt. But that's not all Alyssa has been up to, she's also created the cutest little Peggy Skirt. Lucky little girl who gets to wear that!

Alyssa's Meringue and Peggy Skirts

Many of you will know of Cassie Stephens from the adorably gorgeous belts she sells on etsy (I own three of her belts, I know, it's getting to be an addiction!) but she also has time for a bit of Stash Busting. I love a good revamp of an outfit, and Cassie has done just that by taking an old dress and giving it some new life with a few embroidered cowgirls! Yeehaw!

Cassie's Embroidered Cowgirls Dress

Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony has also been busy this month completing three different UFO/Stash Busting Projects. My favourite would have to be the unfinished sweater that she turned into a knitting bag, how clever is that? She also completed a very pretty Colette Set which counts as a UFO and a Stash Buster, so gold star to you Wendy!

Wendy's Knitting Bag and Colette Set

And last, but by no means least we have two lovely projects from the equally lovely Leah, who blogs over at Struggle Sews A Straight Line. This pretty dress and this Renfrew top were both made from fabrics that Leah rescued from a hoarder, so I think she get's extra points for that! You look great Leah, plus you did a person a good turn, so big yay!! 

Leah's dress and top

And that's the lot! Phew!

I don't know about you, but I think that that is a pretty impressive show of UFO and Stash Busting! I'm so happy that so many of you decided to get involved and have chosen to share your beautiful projects, you should all be very proud, I certainly am of all of you!

February was a great month for UFO and Stash Busting, but if you weren't ready to be included this month then never fear, there will be another Round Up at the end of next month! Get busting those stashes people, I can't wait to see what you create next month :)

Katie xxx 


Snippa said...

Brilliant round up!  Didn't we all do well!  Lots more UFOs and lots more stash to bust.  Here's to March.

Lynne Williams said...

Thanks again for hosting such a productive challenge.  I am sew impressed with everyone's entry's.  Well done ladies, let's celebrate by doing it again next month- lol

Sabrina said...

Hurray for us! Everyone's work is just awesome. Thanks for starting this project Katie! I'm really enjoying it.

Leah Franqui said...

Oh, these are all amazing! Well done, everyone!

vala42 said...

Such lovely outfits, well done Ladies. 

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