Friday, 17 February 2012

Calling all UFO/Stash Busters!!!

Hello there lovely readers, it's time for some more talk about my UFO/Stash Busting Project!

Since my initial post things have been going well. I have been working hard on organising my stash and have already completed a couple of UFO/Busters myself, but what I'm really interested in is how is the Project going for you?

So I'm going to put together the:

UFO/Stash Busting Project Monthly Round Up!

A number of you showed an interest in joining me on my Project, some of you have even been lovely enough to add my badge to your blogs, so I want to see what you've been up to! I want to put together a feature for everyone taking part in the Project at the end of each month so we can all bask in the glory of our progress. Plus it's always fun to see all the lovely things that other people have created :) 

If you have created something beautiful this month then it's time to show it off! But also don;t feel pressured into having to submit something every month, take part in as many or as few Monthly Round Ups as is convenient for you. This also means that you can take part in the UFO/Stash Busting Project whenever you want, as I know that some of you may only have fabrics in your stash the are for a particular season, so feel free to join in whenever suits you best :)

Here's what you need to do if you want to be included:

**If you have a blog send me a link to a post (or posts!) about any UFOs or Stash Busting Projects you have completed this month. Pictures are a must, we all want to see the lovelies you have created!**

**If you don't have a blog, never fear, you can still be included too! Drop me an e-mail we'll find a way to get some pictures of your creations up on the blog if you want to share them :)**

**Obviously completed projects are preferred but if you've got a fascinating work in progress to share then that's great too. Also if you've created any tutorials to use up your stash then I would love to include those too!**

**The closing date for all submissions is February 24th so I have time to put the post together before the end of the month (obviously this would normally be slightly later, but February is an annoyingly short month!)**

So, if you feel like being included then please do drop me a line! Either leave me a comment on this post or email me at 

I can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Katie xxx


Snippa said...

Nice to know that lots of other people share my UFO pain!

Luna said...

hello katie; I will participate soon, when I'll have time to finish all the stuff in my drawer ;)
ps: I dont know if you join in blog awards, but I wanted to give you one. "The lovley blog award", cause I always read your posts with delight. If you want to participate just visit my blog, copy the image, say 7 facts about yourself, link me and another person you want to pass the award to. But please, dont feel forced or bugged, you can leave it be :D

mala_14 said...

I finished off this 1912 corset from last year and made the petticoat to go with it from cotton from the stash.

My other projects so far have been too minor to really take pictures of. But I added some straps to a slip that had been hanging around from last year and I just altered a pair of jeans. Your UFO/Stash Busting Project has definitely been helping me get things done! I hope to have lots more for next month. :)

Lynne Williams said...

Just sent you an email with my entrys.  I finished 2 items in February - 1 stash buster and 1 ufo.  Hooray, feels so good:)

Brandy Totten said...

I really should be UFO/stash busting, but I have decided for a budding sewist like me, I just need to get some projects completed and my spirit up (and hopefully some of those will use my stash). Once I finish that I will be on top of it (or may push it off longer on accident.oops)

I wanted to let you know that you received a blog award on my blog. Congrats

Cassie Stephens said...

Hi Katie! I am most definitely interested. I'm going to send you an email shortly...I just have a question or three. Thanks, how fun!

Nicole Melotte said...

Hello! Count me in - I just sent you na email with a link to my little stash busting project.

misskatiered said...

Thank you of the link, and what a stunning project! I will include it in the Monthly Round Up, congratulations on such a gorgeous UFO completion :)

vala42 said...

I would also like to take part, I have missed the February due date so hopefully I will have something ready for March. Good luck with the project to everyone. x 

vala42 said...

 Just discovered my name has appeared as vala42, I blog as Sew Vala.

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