Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #70

Hello there lovely readers, a very happy Wednesday to you all!

First up I want to say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments I've been receiving on my Me Made May challenge so far, your words have made the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable! I've learnt so much about my wardrobe so far, I can't wait to see where this challenge leads me, so thank you for your support :)

This week I have been dreaming about plans for the future (as I'm now over half way through my tour! Eek!) and one of the things that has really been catching my attention is the upcoming Diamond Jubilee. Now, regardless of your views on the monarchy I'm sure that you would appreciate a good old fashioned English tea party in honour of this special day, I can't wait to get home and get baking for it! I think that all of the items below would definitely be welcomed at my house :)

Image Sources, Clockwise from Top Left:
1. Cath Kidston Tea Towel, 2. Union Jack Cake, 3. Emma Bridgewater Tea Pot,
4. Tea with the Queen Tea Towel, 5. Long May She Reign Tea Pot, 6. M&S Jubliee biscuit tin

Are you excited about the jubilee too? Planning a party maybe? I do hope so, and I hope you have lots of cakey-treats in mind! But enough of that for now, because now it's time for the Wonderfuls of this week:

That's it from me for another week, but don't worry I'll be back here with more collections of Wonderfuls same time next week!

Bye for now

Katie x

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

Mmm... those French onion soup sandwiches make me drool.

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