Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Me Made May - Week 1

So it's the end of the first week of my first ever Me-Made-May, and things have been going well so far. Specifically choosing Me-Made outfits has made me revisit quite a few items of clothing that I haven't worn in a while, and I'm really pleased with how everything has been looking so far, plus it's been fun giving forgotten items a new lease of life.

But enough talk, let's have a look at what I've been wearing... (and yes, the first three days of May I was in Paris and I took full advantage of our private balcony for picture taking!)

Day One
Dress: Made by Me, Shrug: Made by Me

I wore this outfit on my first day in Paris and it was just perfect for the beautiful sunny weather! I love both these Me-Made items and I wear them a lot so this wasn't really much of a change for me.

Day Two
Cardigan: Made by Me

I finally finished my first knitting project from a Stich in Time 2, and don't you just love how it turned out? It's the only Me-Made item in this outfit, but it's a showstopper and I'm totally in love with it, I can see a lot of outfits using this cardigan in my future :) 

 Day Three
Dress: Made by Me

This ceylon dress is one of my first ever sewing projects but I love it so much I still wear it even though it lacks some of the detailing of my newer projects. It's my favourite colour and it matches my favourite lipstick perfectly!

 Day Four
Sweater: Made by Me, Skirt: Made by Me

And so I return home after Paris and my photo-taking becomes a little less fancy! :) This sweater is from A Stitch in Time 1 and doesn't get worn nearly as much as it should, so thanks Me-Made-May! It goes perfectly with my charity-shop-fabric skirt. Believe it or not this is a dressed down outfit for me :)

Day Five
Cardigan: Made by Me, Skirt: Vintage Re-vamped by Me

I told you that you'd be seeing the cardigan again! Mustard really is my new favourite colour :) This is a new combination for me but I really like how the cardigan goes with my checked skirt (a vintage purchase from Austria that I altered for the perfect fit).

Day Six
Dress: Made by Me

Another example of Me-Made-Made giving new life to a Me-Made item: this dress has hardly been worn since I completed it. I wasn't sure how to style it other than the way I originally wore it so it has just sat in my wardrobe. But I decided to give it another shot and so this rather cute concoction was born! I didn't think this dress could be pretty and girly but this look really works!

Day Seven
Skirt: Made and embroidered by Me

It's the return of my Pin Up skirt! I love this skirt and it makes everything more fun when I wear it. Getting it out of my wardrobe has really made me want to wear it more!

So there you have it, week one of the challenge over and all is going swimmingly so far! Are you taking part in Me-Made-May? How is it going for you so far?

Katie x


Anushka said...

That mustard cardigan is absolutely beautiful! I set myself the goal of knitting everything (and I mean everything) that I like from A Stitch in Time 1 before allowing myself to think about purchasing the 2nd volume...but it's SO hard! 

Tasha @ By gum, by golly! said...

Gosh, I love all your outfits so much! I think Day 2 and 1 are my favorites.

I'm so happy to see you finished your Stitch in Time v.2 sweater, it's utterly gorgeous! I'm still knitting away on mine... remind me why I started a fingering weight LONG-sleeved sweater when I knew I'd want short-sleeved ones by the time I got to the halfway point on the sleeves. I should have started it earlier in winter. lol

Eithne said...

Your cardigan from a stitch in time 2 is divine! Can i ask what yarn you used? Eithne

pincushiontreats said...

I'm quite new to your blog so I found it at the right time, during MMM! I'm loving your garments. So delicate and feminine. 

Marie said...

Oh my, your outfits are just too cute for words! I love every single one of them, you are a very talented lady! And is it a Sticth in Time Vol.2 jumper that I spy on Day 4? Lovely!

Kerry said...

Wow Katie, your outfits are great! I love your knits in particular.

Wendy Bayford said...

Wonderful outfits! How my goodness how quickly you knitted your Stitch in time 2 cardi, its really beautiful!!

Zoë Winters said...

Oh how pretty!  I especially love outfit three!  Such gorgeous colours, I'd wear it in an instant! :) Zoë x

emma collier said...

WOW! i'm so impressed! I forgot just how many pieces you had made over the last year of following your blog, you've definitly got me motiviated to crack on with some half finished projects, I'd love to be able to wear mostly homemade things, you must get so many compliments!

And that cardi from A stitch in Time is jaw dropping, how long did it take you? My parents bought me a copy for Christmas but I'm a bit scared, they all looks so complictaed and my knitting skills are pretty basic. Do you know if there is a crochet version about?



cassie stephens said...

Darling, darlin'! I am in love with your sweater from Day #5...and, of course, your Pin Up Skirt is my all-time fave! You look beautiful in each, I love this...will have to attempt to sew more clothing and participate next year!


Sabrina said...

I love all your sweaters! I can't believe how many you've knitted. One of these days I need to learn how to knit "for real" (as in, more than just scarves lol).

Sarah Gilbert said...

So many pretty, pretty outfits! Your knitting inspires me!

Debi_myhappysewingplace said...

LOVE your MMM looks! And Paris looks amazing! Hope you had a fabulous time!!

ilovefilm85 said...

Oh the sweater is beautiful, you are so talented. And we have the same wallpaper hah x

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