Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Me Made May - Week 2

Week two of Me Made May is done and I've still kept up with the challenge, so yay! However, I warn you that this week's pictures reveal quite a lot about life on tour, mostly that some home sewn clothes don't like being carted around in a suitcase that much and also having a 20kg bagging allowance means that I don't have much room for a vast variety of clothing (especially considering I packed my tripod in order to take these pictures!), so be warned! Saying that I am liking my outfits from this week, so enjoy!

Day Eight
Dress: Vintage Revamped by me

It's been a while since I've worn this dress, so thanks again to Me Made May for giving some of my outfits new life, and I'm loving wearing it again! This dress always gets a lot of attention and is great to just throw on so it's perfect for touring :)

Day Nine
Dress: Made by Me

It's the New Girl dress! I love this dress so much, the colour, the style, the fit, everything about it making me happy. But sadly this dress doesn't travel so well, just look at those wrinkles! Eek! But I forgive it because it's so damn pretty, so it comes on tour with me anyway!

 Day Ten
Sweater: Made by me, Skirt: Vintage Revamped by me

You can tell from my slightly dazed expression that this was clearly a lazy day outfit (I was very tired and sore from too many shows and too many classes at the gym, ouch!). This kilt and this jumper really are some of the coziest clothes to wear :) I haven't ever blogged about revamping the skirt because it was a very simple job (a little hem and waist adjustment) but it's something I wear a lot so I'm glad it's finally making an appearance on this blog. And can you tell what the weather is like here in Aberdeen considering that I'm wearing knits and wool even though it's May??! :)

Day Eleven
Dress: Made by Me

I love my Swing Dress, even though it took me years to complete! This is another throw-on-and-look-good dress, plus the fabric (a polyester mix) means it always looks good even if it's been screwed up at the bottom of a suitcase for two weeks (not that I ever treat my homemade clothes like that...!). This is another outfit that gets a lot of attention, and I like it!

Day Twelve
Cardigan: Made by Me, Hat: Made by Me

Are you sick of seeing this cardigan yet?! I'm sorry, I just can't help myself! You know when you make something and you're so ridiculously proud of it and in love with it that you literally can't stop wearing it? That's what I'm like over this cardigan :) Plus doesn't it look cute with my Cassie Stephens bunny belt? This hat is an old favourite of mine too, it's perfect for covering post-wig cap hair after a show. I made it using this pattern.

Day Thirteen
Dress: Made by Me

Again, a slightly bemused expression after a busy week at the theatre! And this is where the real repeats of outfits is going to start, I've worn pretty much everything I had in my suitcase! I'll try and mix things up a bit, but there's only so much I can with what I have! Anyways, once again we have my ceylon dress. My first ever Me-Made dress and I still wear it regularly. Don't you just love the colour? It makes me swoon :)

Day Fourteen
Sweater: Made by Me, Skirt: Vintage Revamped by Me

Another cozy look with a homeknit and kilt. By the way has anyone else noticed how many tartans I seem to have collected recently? I never noticed until I started taking these pictures, but man do I love a check pattern! Pretty much every other picture this week has some kind of tartan in it, I must be channeling the spirit of Scotland whilst I'm in Aberdeen!

And that's it for week 2 of Me Made May! Look out for week 3 because I've been working on some new Vintage Revamps, so some new pieces will probably be creeping into my wardrobe soon!

Bye for now,

Katie x


LinB said...

Oh, fun! I pack a small spray bottle that I fill with water and mist my travel clothes lightly when I arrive at destination. Wrinkles fall out of natural fibers without the bother of pressing them -- not as good as a proper ironing, but, hey! I'm traveling! Give me a break, people. Your sweaters, blouses and skirts look completely different in the different combinations you show in this post. I wouldn't worry about whether strangers notice that you are repeating outfits.

quietandsmall adventures said...

oooh i adore the new girl dress and the red and white revamped vintage dress above it! that 1st jumper tartan skirt combo does look cozy! also, touring?? that's so cool! how long and for what?

Tasha @ By gum, by golly! said...

I am mad for plaid as I say, so I believe you can never have too much of it!

I'm loving your outfits. Yay for your swing dress!  I remember us chatting about that way back last spring. I don't think I've ever shown myself wearing my finished one, lol. Your New Girl dress is great, even if it's not a great traveling companion. You have so many sewing and knitting projects to be proud of!

Marie said...

You look stunning in every single one of your outfits. I really could quite happily live in your beautiful clothes, I love your style!

Sarah Rooftops said...

You're in Aberdeen? If you see somebody in a purple coat looking at you in an, "I recognise you from somewhere..." kind of way, that'll be me!

And, yes, what's with this weather?! I want to go to the opera in Duthie Park on Thursday, but not if I need a snowsuit to sit outside...

Ginger said...

Found you via Flickr-- your outfits are all so sweet!  Love 'em!

Sabrina said...

I'm loving all the plaid! Your day 12 outfit is my favourite. The red really goes with that lovely golden colour.

Landgirl1980 said...

Loving the last jumper!!

Kristina said...

They're all so wonderful! Great job with MMM so far :)

cassie stephens said...

You look like an absolute doll in each, Katie! love Monday and Tuesday!

celtic.seeker said...

Way to go, keeping up with the challenge!

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