Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me Made May - Week 3

Welcome to the third we of my first ever Me Made May! I feel this week has definitely been the most exciting one for me so far as I've started connecting with other Me-Made-Me-ers which has been really interesting. This challenge has been such a great way to bring sewing people together, I'm totally all for it :) If you are joining me for the first time after connecting with me this week through Me-Made-Me-ing then welcome! I hope you've been having as much fun with it all as I have!

Day Fifteen 
Dress: Made By Me

Yes, it's a repeat from last week (damn you airlines and your 20kg minimum on luggage!) but I love this dress so much I don't mind at all. I love the colour combination of blue and red, primary colours always look so cute together :)

Day Sixteen
Skirt: Vintage Revamped by Me

Can you tell from this picture that at this point in the week the show has really been kicking my butt?! I haven't accessorised this outfit as the bags under my eyes felt like enough! But seriously a nice cozy shrug and woollen kilt are perfect for those days when all you want to do is curl up and sleep.

Day Seventeen
Sweater: Made by Me

I was evidently feeling much perkier on Friday after a good night's sleep and a restful day, which is reflected in this fun floral outfit :) This is another good example of how this challenge has added diversity to my wardrobe, I really wanted to wear this dress but didn't want to repeat Day Two's outfit, so I paired it with my green sweater and I really like it. Plus I got to wear another of my Cassie Stephens belts which really makes me happy!

Day Eighteen
Cardigan: Made by Me, Skirt: Made by Me

You're probably sick of this cardigan by now, aren't you? Well, sorry, but I love it and wearing it has become an addiction. Can you blame me?? So pretty...

Day Nineteen
Sweater: Made by Me, Trousers: Vintage Revamped by Me

Good grief, is that me, in TROUSERS?!?!?! Yes, for the first time ever on this blog I am wearing trousers! My beautiful new Vintage Revamped trousers that I love because they make me feel like a cross between a land girl and equestrian Betty Draper. Plus they fit me on my waist and my bum, which is, quite frankly, a miracle. They are my miracle trousers and I love them.

Day Twenty
Dress: Made by Me
 I mentioned previously that this dress was a dream to transport in a suitcase, well it turns out it's also great for aeroplane journeys! I wore this for my flight back from Aberdeen (a 5:30 start to the day, ouch!) and managed to look relatively unruffled by the time I arrived home! 

Day Twenty One
Sweater: Made by Me, Skirt: Made by Me

You can tell I'm home because there's finally some new Me Made outfits to share! Hurrah! I have never paired this sweater and skirt together before but today they just jumped out of the wardrobe at me and I think they look pretty cute together :) The sweater is another Stitch in Time number, but this time from Volume 1. If you're into knitting you really should own both volumes 1 and 2, they really have the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen! And yes, those are tiny Alice in Wonderland White Rabbits all over my skirt :)

And there you have it for another week! I promise that since getting home I have repacked my suitcase with some other different Me Made items to spare you having to look at identical things each day, and I'm looking forward to having some new clothes to make into fun outfits. Bring on Week 4!

Bye for now!

Katie x


Casey said...

They are all so lovely and inspiring (and I adore the fact that you're wearing your handmade sweaters! I'm trying to wear my spring weight ones before it gets too much warmer...)! But I think my favorite is day eighteen; the color combination of the mustard and raspberry is gorgeous. 

Marie said...

I can't get over how lovely all your outfits are, despite all your travelling! And everytime I spot another knit from 'A Stitch in Time', my heart does a little summersault! I just can't knit fast enough for my liking!

Snippa said...

Another gorgeous set of outfits.  Truly inspiring.

Ginger said...

I love the red and blue combo, too!  You look gorgeous in red!

Sabrina said...

Complete and utter trouser love! The buttons at the hems are so cute! The equestrian look always reminds me of Ginger Rogers in Top Hat. :)

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