Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What's on my sewing table... lots and lots of yarn!

Hello there my lovely readers! I hope you all had a great weekend, I certainly did :) I had a brilliant few days off, I'll tell you more about that tomorrow, but I've also managed to fill my time with wooly projects :) Let me share with you what I've been up to...

First up I have completed my first mini crochet project! You may remember my first ever granny squares, well here they are all seamed together and looking pretty.

Granny squares, you've got to love them!

I'm really loving crochet, I already have a few project lined up for when I'm a bit better at it, I've been scouring Ravelry for pretty patterns :) Hopefully it won't be too long before I start working on the crochet blanket of my dreams!

Secondly I have started another knitting UFO, I've had this one on the go for about three years, just sitting in a box unfinished and unloved, but I've finally decided it to finish it. The original pattern was in French (eek!) but I had it translated, although some of the instructions are still a bit hard to follow. It's made by Fifi Chanchnil, and it's a cute little crossover cardigan. It reminds me of the type of thing I used to wear for ballet as a child, I can't wait until it's finished! 

The pattern, isn't it cute? 
Lacy sleeve with fancy edging!

And yes, the yarn is just as soft and fluffy as it looks :)

Finally I have a bit of a confession to make, I may have been a bit naughty on my days off. I know that I'm supposed to be focusing on Stash Busting, but I may have been in the same area as Loop on Thursday and I may have been tempted into buying some hand-spun, hand-dyed gorgeously soft, silky yarn for a short sleeved cardigan that I have been dying to make from the best knitting book ever. I'm sure you'll forgive me when you see how gorgeous this project is going to be...

Is this not one of the most gorgeous patterns you have ever seen?!

I've already knitted up my little tension square, well I say square, it's not a square shape at all! And this yarn was just dreamy to work with, I can't wait to cast on this cardigan, I'm really looking forward to some detailed knitting work, it's been a while since I've worked on something this intricate.

My tension square, or rather my tension random-shape!

Dreamy, isn't it? :)

So as you can see I'm up to my eyeballs in yarn, and I couldn't be happier about it :) Are you knitting/crocheting anything at the moment? I'd love to know what you're working on!

I hope you have a great week full of wooly projects of your own, I'll be back tomorrow to share some more adventures.

Katie xxx


Mistress Catgirl said...

I'm in the process of making my mom a hat/scarf combo for a late birthday present. It'll be my first complete knitting project. I really want to get  "A Stitch in Time." It looks like such a beautiful book.

1940's Knitter said...

That cardigan is beautiful and the colour you've picked is really pretty.  I've avoided buying this book because I know I'll want to knit something from it when I have plenty of unfinished things I should be concentrating on.  However, having seen that cardigan, I'm not sure I can resist after all :o)

Aislinn Ball said...

Have you finished your knotted dressign gown yet ? dying to see it! xx

Lynne Williams said...

The pattern for your new cardigan is lovely and your granny squares look great.  I wonder if we are thinking of making the same blanket?  I have been crocheting sample swatches to learn the different stitches and just completed my first cotton dishcloth.  This weekend I completed a ufo...hurray!! not the one I intended for this month but that's a woman prerogative right?

Sabrina said...

Beautiful knitting and crochet! I haven't been doing anything wooly, but I was bad too and bought new fabric this weekend. There was a big sale at the local store! But it's for projects that I really need to make, so that's sort of an excuse, right? ;)

Rhia said...

I have been avoiding Stitch in time vol 2 because I know I will go mad :D That cardigan is so beautiful and it will look gorgeous on you! Even I with poor knitting skills and never liked mustard yellow or any other yellow for that matter, am now intrigued to start knitting it... No, no! I must resist, I have couple other projects to finish before I can even think about it. 

Wendy Bayford said...

ooh that stitch in time pattern is on my to-do list, yours is going to look stunning in that gorgeous yarn!

I have started the Tri cable cardigan from this book as I thought it
would be a simpler pattern to start the year with, wishing I had been
braver now:)

Love the granny squares, I've got soo many I have made over the years I just need to do something useful with them, problem is I know how to do the square but no idea how to join the little suckers together:)
Also I am desperate to find a use for some of theses
They are soo cute! x

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