Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Adventuring on my Two Days Off...

Last week I was lucky enough to have two days off work to do with as I pleased, what a lucky individual I am! I had a wonderful time wandering about London, it was so nice to be back on my old stomping ground and to do all the things that I have been wanting to do for ages. Please indulge me whilst I share with you the details of two practically perfect days!


I got up early and glammed up for my day on the town (I don't often get the opportunity to dress up because of my job!)

My train journey was made all the more enjoyable by a good book, "The Best of Everything" by Rona Jaffe. It's getting me back in the mood for Mad Men at the end of this month!

I travelled to Shoreditch and paid the best Hairdressing Salon in the World a visit. I left feeling a great deal lighter and much prettier :)

I took a trip to Angel where I browsed in the gorgeous vintage shops of the Camden Passage, if only I had more money!

I had brunch at The Breakfast Club and ate much more than would be seen to be respectable. But hey, I enjoyed myself and it all tasted amazing!

I was drawn into Loop where some gorgeous hand-spun/dyed wool hopped into my bag so I was forced to buy it. It's a hard life.

I headed to Soho where I wandered through the fabric shops of dreams before purchasing some turquoise tweed for a project that I'm ridiculously excited about.

I walked to St. Martin's Courtyard and met a very dear friend in Bill's for drinks. We hadn't seen each other for almost a year so we had a lot to talk about and had a marvellous time :)

When I arrived home on Thursday evening I cooked for myself and my parents using two Lorraine Pascale recipes: Coq au Vin and Melting Chocolate Puddings. I haven't been able to cook properly in a while so this was a real joy :)

I spent a beautiful evening with my family before heading back to my Sweetheart for episodes of New Girl before a good night's sleep.


In the morning I indulged my new obsession and made pancakes. They were so good, covered in blueberries, raspberries and maple syrup :)

We spent the day watching Doctor Who for my Sweetheart's blog, I helped him review Jon Pertwee's first episode as the Doctor. It was great fun, and as soon as it's written up I'll link to it from here.

In the afternoon my Sweetheart and I visited Harrods (one of many places we went on our first ever date!). We tried to see the puppies, but unfortunately they were all out when we were there. Probably for the best or we might have come home with one!

We treated ourselves to afternoon tea at Laduree. It was amazing, I don't even have the words to describe how amazing it was :)

That evening we went to see Florence + the Machine at Alexandra Palace. She was utterly incredible, and I love her more now than I ever thought possible. Sad but true!

When we got home we feel into bed completely tuckered out, knowing that, unfortunately, we both had to work two shows the next day. Ah well, it's the price you have to pay for days off sometimes :)

Have you been having adventures recently? I hope you've enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!

Katie xxx


Rhia said...

Definitely sounds like you had the time of your life. Surprising enough, all the time I've spent in England and I've never had afternoon tea, but I think next time I come I have to try that. Perhaps in the Laduree :D

Miss V. A. Hendricks said...

This sounds like heaven ! Let me know if you'd like company next time you go adventuring in London ?

cassie stephens said...

Love your adventures, thank  you for sharing. I do believe that Florence is my favorite female singer, she is amazing! So glad you got a chance to see her live. She needs to come to Nashville! I've never been to London so I love seeing these photos!

LinB said...

You crammed two month's worth of delightful experiences into your two days! I am exhausted merely reading about it. Thank you for including such lovely photos to illustrate your jam-packed, whirlwind tour.

Sabrina said...

Sounds amazing! I just watched the movie version of The Best of Everything a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I should read the book. All the pictures of food makes me so hungry! You always seem to have the best food going on. What a lovely holiday1

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