Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #61

Happy Wednesday my lovely readers, and an extra hello to all my new readers, lovely to have you here :)

You may have noticed that this blog has been very knitting/crochet heavy recently and that I've been posting less sewing projects. I tend to go through fazes with my crafty things, and at the moment I am loving all my wooly projects, I've nearly completed all my knitting UFOs! But never fear, I will be sharing some sewing projects soon, just bear with me whilst I'm in this yarn filled period :)

Meanwhile, why not join me in the land of yarn? Here are some of my favourite wooly images to get your creative juices flowing!

Image Sources, Clockwise from Top Left:
1. Crocheted Apples, 2. Crocheted Blanket, 3. Stripey Bolero, 4. Crocheted Hangers,
5. Ripple Blanket, 6. Granny Squares, 7. Scarf, 8. Circle Blanket

I cannot tell you how much all these pictures make me itch for my knitting needles!

And now for some more lovely things, my personal picks from the blogosphere this week:

And that's it for another week of wonderfuls!

I hope you have great rest of the week filled with wooly projects and wonderful things of your own :)

Katie xxx

1 comment:

Sarah Rooftops said...

I'm the same - I mean, I don't go through knitting phases, but I do flit between sewing, reading, writing and photography phases and assume that the people reading my blog will just follow merrily along. So far, it's working...!

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