Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pink, Frilly, Girly Bed Jacket... Check!

Project: Pink, frilly, girly bed jacket
Stash Buster? this one's a UFO, it's been on the go for three years!
Items From Stash: the while kit was in my stash
Date Started: September 2009
Date Finished: March 2012
New Techniques Used: none
Wear Again? Yes, it's my new bedtime buddy :)

Yes, I've been mighty busy with my projects recently, so as well as my lovely new dress I have also finished this Bed Jacket. I know that it looks like something a five year old would wear to a ballet class, but I don't care. I've been rocking the five-year-old-ballet-class look, and I like it!

I had to overcome some serious challenges to complete this project, including getting a pattern translated from French in English (eek!) and it's been three years in the making, so I'm thrilled that I can finally curl up in it at the end of the day :)

Here are some close ups for your viewing pleasure:

While I'm touring this little bed jacket is the perfect alternative to my dressing gown of dreams, as I'm obviously not packing that in my suitcase! It's great to have something hand knitted to wear in bed that's also small enough to fit in my limited luggage :)

I hope you like it!

Katie xxx


Sabrina said...

So cute! I love the diamond pattern knitted into the main parts of the jacket. And the frilliness and the lines of different pink running through the frills is so sweet.

Marie said...

How sweet! I'm in awe of your knitting skills, they're seriously impressive!

Sarah Gilbert said...

Beautiful! I, too, am in awe of your knitting skills!

jessieheninger said...

I love it and I love the bed jacket idea b/c I am always cold when I first get my pajamas on for the night. It's so pretty. Also I loved your dress. It turned out great.

Casey said...

How lovely! I have a vintage knit bed jacket, but it doesn't cross over like this one--a feature I adore on your's! :) 

Snippa said...

Really sweet.  Love the diamond pattern in the reverse stocking stitch.  Your knitting is brilliant as usual.

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