Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Adventures in Crochet

Well readers, it's happened, I think I can honestly say I've become a crochet addict. It's all come together over the last few days, and here's my progress so far...

Whilst creating the swatches of all of the stitches I had been working solely in rows, and the next exciting step was working in the round. And this was the point when the addiction really started to take hold, once you start making these pretty circles it's so hard to stop!

My first crocheted circle

And I think that looks pretty good don't you? My stitches are all pretty uniform now, so I end up with a nice flat and even circle. By the next step in the crochet school was a big one: The Granny Square. And these were the main reason I started crochet in the first place, so I wanted to be good at this stage! Well, here's my first attempt...

A rather wonky Granny Square!

It looks a bit sorry for itself, doesn't it? This particular square used lots of chain stitches in its design, that's what creates all those slightly uneven gaps, so I altered the pattern a bit in my second attempt (as suggested by the Crafty Minx) to make my second Granny Square a lot more compact:

A much neater Granny Square!

I much prefer the look of this smaller, neater and more compact Granny Square, and I think that for now, until I become more used to crocheting, this is going to be the style the works best for me. You can see how different the two square are in shape and size here:

Two little fresh Granny Squares!

I think you'll agree that the smaller of the two looks a lot prettier! So I went ahead yesterday and stitched up four of these cute little squares, and the more I work on them the more I want to make, they are just so simple and easy, a great portable project :)

My Granny Square Quartet :)

Now, for someone who couldn't crochet at all until a few days ago I think you'll agree that this is quite an achievement! The next step of the crochet school is learning how to seam these squares together, so they really will look like a mini blanket soon, it's all very exciting :)

I think I will probably soon have to develop some Stash Busting projects that involve crochet, I do have a huge stash of leftover wool so I definitely have the means to feed my crochet addiction... I'll keep you posted!

Katie xxx


Marie said...

What fantastic progress! It's giving me a lot of hope...I had my second ever crochet lesson on Monday and I must say that I'm finding it more fiddly than knitting and less enjoyable. But to see what you have achieved is very encouraging indeed!

Kristin @ Meanbean said...

Wahoo congratulations!!! I learned to crochet before I learned to knit, and knitting intimidated me for the longest time. It feels so good to overcome that fear and find out it's not so bad! Your granny squares are looking awesome! My daughter loves the granny square look, and has tasked me with making her a twin sized blanket ;) good thing I like the squirt!

North_ern Comfort said...

I can crochet, but I have difficulty interpreting crochet directions.  I much prefer knitting...  That said, nothing represents a comfortable home, to me, better than a multi colour and black granny square blanket.  Every home needs one for rainy or sniffly days.

alicerosefearn said...

Oh those squares are so cute. I really want to learn to crochet as well (and knit!) and craftyminx's school looks brill, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I really want to make a crochet lace throw for our bed (running before I can walk? me? never!). Can't wait to see what you crochet next! x

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