Thursday, 22 March 2012

Show me your Stash Busting!

Hello lovely readers, it's that time again! Let's have a UFO/Stash Busting Monthly Round Up!

Last month's Round Up was, I think you'll agree, an utter triumph, and I'm so excited to see what you have been crafting away at this month. I'm always so inspired by the beautiful items of clothing and other projects that you all create, I really can't wait to see all your March submissions :)

This is also an open call so if you haven't participated in the UFO/Stash Busting Project before then don't let this deter you, anyone can join in at any time, we're very friendly and casual here I promise you :)

So without further ado, here's what you have to do to submit any UFO/Stash Busting projects for March's Round Up:

**If you have a blog send me a link to a post (or posts!) about any UFOs or Stash Busting Projects you have completed this month. Pictures are a must, we all want to see the lovelies you have created!**

**If you don't have a blog, never fear, you can still be included too! Drop me an e-mail we'll find a way to get some pictures of your creations up on the blog if you want to share them :)**

**Obviously completed projects are preferred but if you've got a fascinating work in progress to share then that's great too. Also if you've created any tutorials to use up your stash then I would love to include those too!**

**The closing date for all submissions is March 29th so I have time to put the post together before the end of the month **

So, if you feel like being included then please do drop me a line! Either leave me a comment on this post or email me at

So there you have it, you have one week to send me your submission's for this month's Round Up, so you have some time to finish up any projects you may have had on the go and post about them so that I can see them in all their glory :)

I can't wait to see what you create, I know it's going to be great!

Katie xxx

For more details on the UFO/Stash Busting Project have a look here


Kristin @ Meanbean said...

My project is still a UFO, however I plan to have it finished very soon, so I can make my Easter dress! I don't have a very indepth post on it at this point, but I'm very close to finishing my dear mother in law's quilt, that was started TWO YEARS's time to get this puppy taken care of!

Frau Tipmatic said...

Hi Katie! I am taking part on one pattern, one week, and I will use it to also join the stash busting project....

Snippa said...

I've just posted my progess on UFO/stash busting this month - nothing finished but definite progress.  Slow but sure wins through !

Sabrina said...

Didn't entirely follow the rules this month since I didn't complete any UFOs before starting new things. But these shirts follow the rules of using things I have in the stash. Can't wait to see what other people have done! Here's hoping I do a better job next month following the rules. ;)

This shirt used stash fabric:
And this shirt used the the lining pattern of the above shirt even though the fabric was new:

Nicole Melotte said...

Hi there! I just posted my (nearly) finished project here:

Hope you like it!

Frau Tipmatic said...

By taking part at Tilly's "one week, one pattern"-challenge I used three fabrics, that had been in my stash for a little eternity.... birds on brown fabric, 70ies-flowers and black cordury...

Have a good one!

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