Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #35

Hello lovely readers and a very Happy Wednesday to you all! I've been very busy with rehearsals and even more busy with tour preparations, I'm heading off to the first venue on Sunday, I need to start packing!

Oh to travel in such style!

Once again this week the blogosphere has been stuffed with wonderful wonderfuls, so allow me to share them with you (anything to help me avoid packing...!) There are some gorgeous treats on store for you, believe me!

Right, I guess I should really get on with my packing, although how I'm supposed to fit all my clothes into a couple of suitcases is beyond me! 

Bye for now my lovelies!


Tasha said...

Oh, to have all of those pretty blue suitcases, ooh la la! I always love your Wednesday Wonderfuls. :) Good luck with packing!

Emily & Gracie said...

I have a train case JUST like that one!!! Thanks for the lovely links! Have fun packing!


Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip and best of luck with your show!

Casey said...

Funny you should add that crochet link... I've been bit by the crochet bug lately! ;) I just whipped up a vintage-esque potholder, and am making plans for crocheting an afghan for our sofa (since my vintage quilt which currently breaks up the mass of dark blue--owned since childhood--is sadly getting threadbare!). You should try--it's really easy and SO quick! :)

Bright Young Twins said...

You're so sweet! If you ever go let us know we'd love to meet up and show you the ropes! xx

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