Sunday, 18 September 2011

And So It Begins...

Well my lovely readers, this is it! Today I head of to Manchester to start my first ever UK tour which will see me trekking across the country for the next 14 months. I'm very excited but also quite nervous, I have no idea what the next year and a bit will have in store for me!

Anyways this is just a heads up to say I may be offline for a while for obviously reasons, I will be uber busy but also I have no idea when or where I will be able to get online, but rest assured that whenever I can I will be blogging away :) Also I'd kind of like your help with something...


I have never really explored the UK very much and so I'm really excited to see all these new places and new things, and I really don't want to miss anything cool, so I'm asking you, my fabulous readers, for some help. If you have been to or are from any of the following places (all of which I will be visiting on the tour!) and know of any fun places to visit then please let me know. Of course I'm talking sight seeing type things, but I'm also looking for vintage stores, fabrics stores, quirky restaurants and cafes, anything that you love and think I might love too. I would really appreciate your help and advice, it would help me have the best year possible :) So here we go, here's the list of all the places I'm visiting, eeek...

High Wycombe
Milton Keynes

Phew! I think that's enough places to be getting on with don't you? :) Well that's going to be it from me for now, I just need to throw the final bits and bobs into the suitcase and then I'm off!

Wish me luck! Bye!!!


faith said...

When you're in the Bradford area, head up to Haworth and track down The Souk. It's not hard to find and it's one of my favourite shops in the world. I've moved away from the area so I've not been there for a year or so and I really miss it! Also, in Shipley there is (or was last time I checked) a 1920s themed tea room which is cute. And in Bradford itself, Bombay Stores is an incredible place to find fabric. Actually, the whole of the city is filled with amazing shops selling incredible sari silk and other bits and pieces. It's lovely.

Liz said...

There are so many sightseeing places in Oxford, I'm not sure I can narrow them down - but I definitely recommend a trip to G&D's for icecream.

Faff said...

Glasgow! Please let me know when you're there, I'd love to come shopping with you! There's an awesome wool shop in the Barrowlands, think its actually called Bargain Wool Shop or something similar, tons of wool at great prices! (obv... ;))

Miss Magpie said...

In Oxford try Arcadia for quirky and The Nosebag for cake! both on St. Michael's Street. Aspire on the High Street is a fab shop too.
There aren't really vintage shops in the city centre sadly though it's full of beautiful buildings it's also full of chain stores.

Tasha said...

How terribly exciting! Good luck and safe travels!

Hannah said...

Manchester; try ryans vintage (good for head scarves)in the northern quarter, also the northern quarter is nice to walk around. Best of luck with the tour. Oh and china town go to Ho's bakery for a honey bun, so delicious! x

Anonymous said...

as a Dub i wholeheartedly urge you to visit the Powerscourt Townhouse, ( drool over the yarn in This is Knit, the ribbons and trims in Rubenesque, potter through the antique shops, tea and cakes in the pepper pot and when you leave through the flower/plant shop in the porch/entrance hall turn left then right to find harlequin vintage shop, beside murphy sheehy fabrics
shout if you want a guide :-)

Rhia said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! I wish you luck on the tour.

I don't know much about England's sightseeings or stuff, but I know a bit about Woking and area nearby. If you're interested in historical places you could make daytrip to Hampton Court Palace which is rather close to Woking. Closeby is also Dorking which has loads of antique shops and one lovely vintage shop called Shrewd
Owner was very friendly and chatty when I visited there last time couple years ago (bought one brooch). Dorking also has lovely indian restaurant called New Curry Garden.
Woking Leisure Center also organizes Antique and Collectors fairs. Three years ago we went there and I found lovely spanish vintage fan and 60's glittering handbag. Definetly worth visiting if the dates are suitable for you. You can check the dates here

I'm sure if you're interested on events and such on Woking and Dorking area you can find more about them online since I'm not familiar with everything, but that area is definetly one of my favourite parts of South England.

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