Friday, 16 September 2011

Birthday Month: Perfect Presents - Brilliant Books!

Hello there lovely readers, a very happy Friday to you all!

Today's Birthday Month post deals with some of my favourite things in all the world, books! I think that books make gorgeous presents, particularly nice big beautiful ones filled with glossy pictures, so I searched the internet far and wide for my favorites. I have decided not to include novels that I'm longing for because there would be simply too many! Instead I have stuck to general crafting/vintage pretty goodness as I'm sure you'll all like these genres as much as me! So let's get started shall we? :)

1. The Vintage Tea Party Book

The Vintage Tea Party Book

I have mentioned this book previously on this blog and I have to say that the more I find out about it the more I want a copy! It includes everything you could possibly want to know about creating your own vintage tea party, recipes, hairstyling tips, makeup methods, you name it this book has it! Plus the illustrations look absolutely stunning, and the whole style of it is right up my alley. A big thumbs up for this yummy book :)

2. Tea with Bea

Tea with Bea

Now I haven't really heard anything about Tea with Bea, I came across this book whilst searching online and just really liked the look of it. Plus I have tasted Bea's of Bloomsbury cupcakes and they are divine, so any opportunity to make my own would be brilliant! This book contains recipes for a selection of cookies, cakes, tarts and cheesecakes and is stuffed with beautiful pictures, I think it's well worth a look :)

3. Pie Minister

Pie Minister

Anyone who knows me well will know that I adore pies, cannot get enough of them, and I have been searching for a pie recipe book for such a long time, and lo and behold one has been released and it looks amazing! Recipes include chilli con carne pie, I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to give that a go?! This has the potential to be my favourite recipe book of all time ;)

4. Queen of Crafts

Queen of Crafts

I've heard a lot of buzz about this book, Jazz Domino Holly is definitely a force in the crafting world, having throughly jazzed up the WI in her area, apparently it's now the place to be! This book contains information on pretty much everything a crafty girl could want to know about, knitting, sewing, quilting, baking, preserving and kitchen gardening, it all sounds good to me! I think this book would introduce me to new things, which would be awesome, plus I'm loving the colour scheme :)

5. Embroidered Effects

Embroidered Effects

Well, let's be honest, this book was a complete no brainer for me! After my Pin Up Embroidery adventures I realized I had started an obsession that needed to be fueled, and this book looks perfect. It contains over 30 iron on transfers and loads of ideas for embroidery projects. Plus that fan dancer design on the cover is very me!

6. Underwear, Fashion in Detail

Underwear, Fashion in Detail

This is a book that I have been lusting after for some time, it takes underwear through the ages and takes a really intimate look. The pictures come from the huge V&A collection so you just know it's going to be stuffed with gems. As someone who is obsessed with lingerie and wants to try out making her own at some point I can safely say that this book ticks all my boxes. The amazon description of this book says, 
"From camisoles to corsets, basques to boudoir caps and girdles to garters"
and for me that's like a verse of "My Favourite Things" from the Sound of Music! Big love for this book :)

7. Dior, 60 Years of Style

Dior, 60 Years of Style

Now let me start by saying that the chances of me ever owning this book are slim to none, firstly because it costs an arm and a leg and secondly because of it's the size of a small country so no one seems to stock it! But my goodness it's a beautiful tome. It deals with (roughly) the last 60 years of fashion and progression in the Dior couture house, from one of my all time favourites, the Dior post WWII "New Look", right up to modern day. I think this would be one of those books that you treasure forever and you would love it for a lifetime. Swoon.

So there you have it, my pick of the beautiful books of the moment, although of course the lovely thing is that beautiful books are produced everyday so there's always something new to enjoy and lust after! What are your thoughts on these books? Have you read any of them? Do you have any beautiful book recommendations that you'd be kind enough to share? If so leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you! 

Happy Friday to you all, I hope you all have wonderful Weekends :)


Lucha Lovely said...

It seems you have stolen the thoughts right out of my head! I have a long list of books that I covet and all of these are on my wishlist! And by the way you made me LOL with your sound of music comment! So cute in my opinion, since these are some of my favorite things as well! Happy birthday month!

Miss Marie said...

My boyfriend got me the first book on your list for my birthday last week. And I didn't even tell him about it, he just found it himself - isn't he wonderful?

Liz said...

I have received complaints that my Amazon wishlist is not long enough - thanks for helping me solve that problem and for leading me to the discovery that Kirstie Allsop has a new Craft book coming out next month.

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