Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Birthday Month: Perfect Presents - Etsy made Easy!

Now I know that there's so much more to a Birthday than presents, but come on, everyone loves presents! I thought that for my next few Birthday month posts I would share a few of my dreams and wishes for my Birthday gifts (although obviously I'm not expecting to get everything I talk about, I'm not that greedy I promise!) because firstly I love finding pretty things and sharing them with you and secondly you might be looking for presents for a friend or loved one and this might help you out. Or you may just see something you fancy and treat yourself, which is always a good thing :)

For the first of my Perfect Presents Posts I thought I would share my favourite etsy stores. I would be happy to receive anything from any of these stores as a Birthday gift, they are stuffed with beautiful things, so I hope you enjoy browsing through them. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Embroidered belt with tea pot buckle, what's not to love?

I already own one of Cassie's belts (a red one with a bunny buckle) and I wear it constantly and whenever I do it is commented upon. This belts are so beautiful and unique, each one being hand made by Cassie herself. Plus she also does custom items so you can work together with her to create something all the more special and completely unique to you. One of these belts really is the perfect gift, I'd love to have another, just look at how beautiful they are!

Practically perfect in every way

I love hats and so Hello Strumpet is right up my street! These beautiful little pieces of headwear are chic, unique and oh so classy, and they even make matching collars too if you really want a colour coordinated outfit. They have a great selection to choose from, give them a browse I'm sure you'll love everything in their store!

Le swoon, Le sigh!

If, like myself, you have a bit of a lingerie obsession you cannot fail to fall in love with every item for sale in Angela's store. she creates custom lingerie, specializing in corsetry, but also with a selection of simpler items for example the ruffled pants above (which, incidentally, I am in love with!). Any girl would love a gift from this store, and equally it would be a great way to treat yourself, add some glamour to your life :)

I love Paris in the Spring time...

Jess Purser, the creator of each of the stunning paintings and prints of Purr is a genius. I adore evrything she does. Each of her pieces is beautiful with a really romantic flair, which I love. They also look so personal, for example the Parisian couple above, aren't they adorable? One of these quirky prints or (if you're lucky!) original paintings would make a beautiful gift, plus if you opt for a print you won't have to break the bank (always a good thing, it leaves more money for cake...)

Cocktail dress of dreams!

I have written about Dear Golden Vintage several times before on this blog, I have been an avid fan of theirs for a long while and I don't plan on stopping any time soon! They are quite simply, in my opinion, the best vintage store on etsy. They always have such a rich selection of items of offer, all from different eras and also catering to a wide range of budgets. Plus they stock some very beautiful high end vintage pieces, just the thing for that special gift (like the cocktail dress above, stunning or what?!) If you haven't checked them out before then what are you waiting for? You'll be hooked I guarantee!

That's it from me for today, but check back for more Birthday Month posts soon, bye for now!


Tasha said...

Great stores to feature! I absolutely love Etsy. I don't know what I'd do without it. So much great vintage stuff and so many creative people making wonderful goodies!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic links! It's so much fun to browse and virtual window shop, even if I can't afford to buy anything at the moment. :)

Rhia said...

Look at those silk knickers! Le swoon indeed! Thanks for sharing these links!

Hannah said...

Beautiful items love the belts and the knickers oh and the hats aha x

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