Monday, 5 September 2011

Birthday Month: The Perfect Cake

Welcome to the first of my Birthday themed posts for this my Birthday month. This post is all about one of my favourite things: Cake! Anyone who knows me well would tell you that I love cake at the best of times, but a special cake just for you to celebrate your very existance? Well, let's be honest, you can't get much better than that! :) 

Now there are several options you can take with Birthday cake goodness, you can buy some cakey yumminess from some fabulous bakery (personal favourites of mine would be Hummingbird Bakery, Sweet Couture, Primrose Bakery or Laduree if you're feeling fancy!) and that's a brilliant foolproof plan, but I also love the thought of homemade treats for someone's special day. After all, you can bake some extra love in too :) heehee

So in honour of my birthday month I have found a couple of fabulous recipes for amazing cakey goodness. First up is this Rainbow Cake from Ms Marmite Lover's Underground Restaurant, aka the author of Supper Club. If you don't follow her blog you really should, she is uber talented in the kitchen and she's always posting brilliant recipes that not only look like they'd taste amazing, they're really different and exotic. Anyways, how cool does this cake look??

Colourful or what? :)

I think this is a great twist on the traditional vanilla sponge Birthday cake, plus it's fun and silly which is surely the type of thing you'd want on your Birthday (at least it's the type of thing I'd want on mine!)

So do you like chocolate cake? How about peanut butter cookie dough? And what are your thoughts on marshmallows? All sounding delicious to you? Well how about taking all of those yummy things and combining them?? If you're still conscious after the thought of that taste explosion, take a look at this recipe from the amazing Joy the Baker (another incredible food blogger who I am constantly posting about in my Wednesday Wonderfuls). If these don't make your heart flutter you're a stronger person than me!

Le Swoon, Le Sigh

These little mouthfuls of amazingness would be perfect for a Birthday because of their sheer bizarre decadence! Plus they'd be great for someone who can't manage a huge slice of Birthday cake (if such a person exists, I personally find it hard to believe...), and they're so unique, who else would be chowing down on these beauties on their Birthday? :) 

And finally if you're looking for something completely different why don't you try this glamourous and impressive looking Double Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova, not a Birthday cake as such, but still completely beautiful and over the top, perfect for a Birthday :) This recipe was found on the blog What Katie Ate, a fabulous Australian food blog, well worth a look, covering everything from baking to beverages.

Is your mouth watering too?

I hope you've enjoyed these cake recipes, I know that I'm going to want to try one or maybe a couple of these for my Birthday, I'm particularly leaning towards the cupcakes, they just look so ridiculously good! Anyway, watch this space, there will be cake :)

Let me leave you with some gorgeous cake inspiration. These pictures are guaranteed to get you in the mood for baking. Either that or make you incredibly hungry!



(I'm not sure what the source of this picture is,
if it's yours let me know so I can credit you!)

See you again soon lovely readers!


faith said...

Eee, cake. I'm in the midst of wedding planning at the moment and I have to say that trying to decide on what to have inside my cake is the biggest problem! I love love love the pink layered one, that's amazing. And I am going to have to make up a rainbow cake sometime soon, just because. I think everybody needs a little rainbow in their lives, birthday or no birthday! I did make a multicoloured swirl cake though once, which is just different coloured batters sort of splodged into one cake tin - lots of fun!

Brandy Layton said...

That raspberry cake looks fantastic!

Kate said...

I am really in the mood for cake now!!

Miss Katie said...

faith - I hope the wedding planning is gong well, I bet the cake must be hard work, I just wouldn't know what to pick! And also that swirl cake sounds brilliant, it would basically be a rainbow cake for when you had less time on your hands, wouldn't it? :)

Brandy Layton - I know, it looks so good :)

Kate - tell me about it! :)

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