Friday, 6 July 2012

What I learnt from Me-Made-May...

Now, I know it's been a while since I completed my first ever Me-Made-May, but I just wanted to take a look back at the challenge and what it has taught me about my Me-Made clothes. So here's what I've learnt through Me-Made-May...

I basically live in dresses and skirts! 
Out of 31 different outfits only one of them involved a pair of trousers. Now I don't really see this changing any time soon, I love the feminine look, but a few more pairs of trousers in rotation in my wardrobe might be fun :)

Knitwear was a winner during this Me-Made-May!

The type of clothing I wear the most is knitwear!
I hadn't quite realised how many pieces of knitted clothing I have made over the past year and a bit, but almost everyday of my challenge featured a piece of my handmade knitted goodies. As far as I'm concerned that means more knitting as I clearly can't get enough of it, so happy days!

It's red as far as the eye can see!

Red was definitely my favourite colour in May.
I wore more red clothes or red featured items than any other colour in May. This really doesn't surprise me as red has always been my go to colour, I treat it like a neutral and am convinced it goes with anything! But yellow and blue were also quite well represented, so clearly I'm a primary colours girl! A few more different colours in my wardrobe might be nice in the future :)

I wore twenty-two Me-Made items during the challenge!
I've never really stopped to think about how many pieces of Me-Made clothing I have made over the past year and a bit, but I'm really quite proud of how many I have, of how often I wear them and the quality in which they were made. And I didn't even wear every piece of Me-Made clothing either!

I love my cardigan soooo much!

My mustard cardigan was the most worn item during Me-Made-May.
Yes, I am addicted to this cardigan as you all know. I'm not surprised that I wore it more than any other piece of clothing, I love it to bits and it has definitely made mustard one of my favourite colours :)

So where do I go from here? How will this direct my future sewing projects and Me-<ade ventures...?

Sew more separates!
In particular trousers, they are sadly lacking in my wardrobe, and also some blouses would be nice.

Fill the gaps!
I will only make clothes that go with or compliment items that I have already made. Some of my Me-Made clothes are not worn as much because they don't really go with much, so I want to give them a hand :)

A few more colours!
I love red and always will, but this challenge has shown me a love for some new colours too. Instead of just imagining everything I make in red I would like to try out some over colours too.

More sewing!
I need to catch up with my knitting habit, so I definitely think that sewing will be my priority for the mean time, I don't want to neglect one hobby in favour of the other!

I really did love Me-Made-May and I cannot wait for the next challenge, but for now I'll just have to be happy with my Me-Made-Mondays :)

Bye for now!

Katie xxx


Cassieart said...

I love this post and seeing all of the beautiful things you've made! It makes me so happy...and jealous of your knitting and sewing skills! I don't believe I'll ever have the patience (or attention span or sheer intelligence) to become a knitter but I would love to sew more of my clothing. Such an inspiration, Katie! Thank you for sharing. ...Cassie

Kate C. said...

All your me-made outfits look stunning!
By the way, you have won my giveaway! Could you please email me your address at purlsofthepast at so I can mail you your prize? Thanks!

jeanine said...

Your knitwear is exquisite!  I wish I had the patience to learn.  Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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