Monday, 9 July 2012

Me-Made-Monday #2

Hello lovely readers, welcome to another addition of Me-Made-Monday! Here is my favourite Me-Made ensemble of this week:

Sweater: Made by Me, Skirt: Made by Me

This is one of my go-to outfits, and it actually contains a lot of firsts. The sweater was my first ever project from "A Stitch in Time" which is now one of my favourite knitting books, both it's first and second volumes. It was also the first handmade sweater that I have ever worn regularly as a key part of my wardrobe. As for the skirt, it was made using my first ever vintage sewing pattern, so it marks the start of a beautiful relationship!

What Me-Made beauties have you been showing off this week?

Katie xxx


Ginger said...

Really, really cute outfit!  I love it so much!  It's been really hot here in NYC, so I've been wearing my Tiny Pocket Tanks quite a bit, and I got to sport my new Hazel dress yesterday!  

Landgirl1980 said...

Oh! This is DELICIOUS!!!

CuckooChanel said...

What an incredible ensemble. There's so much to love about it! Congratulations on that beautiful sweater, and your skirt is such a fun color.

I've been wearing my Colette Hazels, my New Look 6048 polka dot dress, and my Sis Boom Jamie a ton during this hot summer. Thank goodness for sundresses.

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