Monday, 23 July 2012

Me-Made-Monday #4

Hello lovely readers! Today's Me-Made-Monday is brought to you by a very special sponsor... the Sun! (and I mean the actual Sun in the sky, not the dodgy British newspaper!). The Sun has finally come out so obviously I had to throw on a cheeky sundress and sunhat :)

Dress: Vintage Revamped by Me

I'm thrilled that I've finally had the chance to wear this dress again, it's the first time since the Me-Made-May Challenge, and this is the first time I've felt warm enough since then to pull off this outfit! Sadly for me though my holiday is over and I'm back to work tomorrow, this time I'm heading to Cardiff, anyone know of any good places to go there? I'm sure you all know what type of things I'd like :)

Anyways, enjoy the sunshine if you can my lovelies, and I'll see you again soon!

Katie xxx

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1 comment:

CuckooChanel said...

Wow, Katie. Stunning, as always. You are a vintage goddess. Glad you had your day in the sun. Sending you even more sunshine from hot and sunny New Jersey.

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