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Your help needed! What is the best way to reply to comments?

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One thing that I really want to get right on my blog this year is how to go about answering the comments that you lovely people post here.

I adore reading your comments, every time I get a new one I still get a little thrill just as I did when my first ever comment was posted, and I really want to answer them in the way that you lovely people deserve. When I first started blogging I would reply to each and every comment that was posted in the comments section of the blog post that it was written on. This seemed like a good idea in theory until I realised that the only way that the author of the comment would be able to see my reply would be for them to constantly revisit that same post, which is a bit of a fuss to be honest. Plus who can remember exactly which comments they have left on which blog post?!

I then started to reply to comments via e-mail as this seemed like the best way to make sure that the author of the original comment received my message, but this again was not a perfect solution to the comment-answering problem. I find that many people who comment on my blog are simply offering support or lovely comments of admiration (which is so sweet of you, you can't even understand!) but very rarely am I asked specific questions. Because of this I feel a little odd sending e-mails in reply to these comments as I'm basically just writing variations of "Thank you so much!" which although is meant honestly and truly from my heart I worry that it may look a little hollow in an e-mail. Plus do you think that messages such as this would be irritating to receive?

This is a problem I would really like to solve as keeping in touch with my readers and commenters is very important to me, you guys brighten up my day! I just want to do right by you :) 

So, as always when I face a tricky problem, I turn to you, my fabulous readers! 

How would you prefer to get a reply to a comment? 

Would you love an e-mail just expressing thanks, or do you not expect a reply unless you have asked a direct question? Perhaps you know of a better solution to this problem than the other methods I have tried, if so then please share your knowledge! I'd love to know what you think, so come on, get in touch! And I'll do my best to reply in the best possible way :)

(P.S. This was my 200th blog post! eeeeeeeeeeee!)


Isis said...

I have been mulling over that too. I answer in the blog post, and just a few days ago I changed the settings for commenting so you write the comment on a new page. Then you can choose if you want a notification when the post get other comments. It's not ideal as you may get a lot of notification where people just says thing like "Nice" or "Lovely", but you will see when the blog owner answer your own comment. If I get this option on other blogs I usually don't care to get notfication if my own comment has been just an exclamation, but some posts, like the one you made on being snotty against crafters, often makes the comments by other people very intersting to read and I like to get the notifications on those too.

I try to answer all my comments too- as you say one feels very happy for each and ever one. I also think that a reader needs that feedback too. If I comment on a blog and never, ever, gets and answer, then I eventually stop commenting. I may still read it, but if the blog owner isn't interested in my comments, which a non-answer makes you feel, then I stop bothering commenting. I read many blogs and prefer to comment on those were I get some feedback. :)

Happy 200th post, btw!

Foodycat said...

I reply in the comments, assuming anyone who is really interested will tick the "notify me of follow up comments" bit, and try to visit the commenter's blog and comment back.

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

I never have time to reply to everyone but I'd love to because I'm always so chuffed to get a comment on my blog. If you have time then I think a quick email or return comment on a post is lovely but don't stress if you don't get around to it - people understand.

Love your blog!

Nicki x

Kate said...

I wish I could respond to everyone too, but in general I just respond to comments when asked a question. I would love to respond to everyone but I just don't have the time. When I leave comments I don't expect a reply unless I've asked a question. When I do ask a question I normally bookmark the page then check it a few days later to see if I've gotten a response. One thing I've seen other bloggers do is reply to comments by leaving a comment on the commenters blog, thanking them for their comment.

Liz said...

If I have the option to receive further comments by email, I generally take it. I sometimes intend to go back to a blog to see if my comment has been replied to, but I often forget.

Nina said...

I use the "notify me of follow up comments" option quite a bit. I think that if you really want a reply you'll either make the effort to come back or will keep that post unread in your reader so you can remember to come back.

It's good for you to reply to comments here because others may of been wondering the same thing

Sarah Rooftops said...

Hello! I've just found my way over here from Faff's blog and I'm about to have a peek around but first... I was having the same dilemma; I installed Disqus about a month ago and I love it - unlike the default Blogger approach, I can reply to individual comments directly (I can even just reply to the notification email) and people can opt to see only the messages I'm sending to them. I'm totally converted.

LinB said...

I do not expect a personal answer to even a direct question -- it is enough, for me, to check your blog periodically. I often re-check the comments section, just to see whom else has felt led to say something. But then, I am 953 years old and my brain works with a pre-computer paradigm.

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