Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #54

Hello there and a very happy Wednesday to you all! If you're having anything the like weather I've been having for the past few days you will definitely be needing some Wonderfuls to cheer you up, I know I do!

One thing that I have been loving this week (let's be honest, I love it any week!) is Pinterest. I'm a fully fledged Pinterest addict. Nothing makes me happier than collecting images and seeing them all beautifully grouped together on their little boards, it's the crack cocaine of the blogging world! For your viewing pleasure I have collected a few of my current favourite pins (together with links to wonderful people who pinned them and also their original sources), sp please enjoy the visual spectacle!

Sources, Clockwise from Top Left
1. Claire Donovan from here, 2. Elsie Larson from here, 3. Casey from here,
4. Cassie Stephens from here, 5. Vanessa from here  

Now isn't that almost too much gorgeousness to handle?! I really am loving Pinterest, if you have an account do leave me a link to your page, I love browsing through what other people collect! And if you don't currently have one then join up, you'll love it! And why not follow me while you're at it? Click the button in my right side bar to do just that :)

And now for the Wonderfuls I have been collecting from around the blogosphere this week...

I hope that these Wonderfuls will tide you over for another week! Enjoy yourselves and if you are in the UK don't let the weather get you down too much!

Bye for now!


Sarah Rooftops said...

This is me: There's not much on there, though, because I've only just rediscovered my love of pinning!

Loren Andres said...

Here's mine! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's like crack for bloggers. :D

Wendy Bayford said...

oooh Pinterst, How I love thee! It certainly fills my desire to list the world and everything init (I do love a list!) and its soo useful when blogging as you can keep track of all the goodies you've seen but otherwise gets lost in all the link following!

Ps Thank  you for the mention x

Heather Morrison said...

I just started on Pinterest a month or so ago, and I'm completely addicted!  Here I am:

Liz Bullock said...

I love Pinterest! I have to be very strict with myself though because it can eat a lot of time otherwise. I'm

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