Monday, 4 April 2011

Vintage Revamp #3 - Grey and Red Floral Skirt

A very welcome back to the old Vintage Revamp! It's been a while since my last one of these, but I feel like I've been bitten by the bug again, I'm full of ideas for other projects! But more on that at a later date. In the meantime let me introduce you to the grey and red floral skirt:

This was another of the items I picked up at the Vintage Kilo Sale (I'm definitely going to the next one of these, it can't be beaten for the prices if you don't mind doing a few alterations, which of course I don't) and doesn't it look a little sorry for itself? I was drawn to the skirt because of the pattern, I just love the little accents of red in the grey and white floral pattern, unfortunately the length was incredibly unflattering on me. But hey, nothing that a bit of sewing couldn't fix!

I chopped about 7 inches off the length of the skirt and then hemmed it by hand, something I actually love doing :)

Teeny tiny hem stitched :)
I also trimmed down the skirt's lining, but this I finished with my trusty serger.

Happy serged hem
I also wanted to add a bit more of a girlie touch to the skirt, so I added some lace and floral ribbon to the edge of the hem.

Hurrah for pretty edging!

To the machine!

And just like that the now fabulous skirt was ready to wear. Which I did for all of Mother's Day yesterday! I paired it with my Vintage Revamp Red Blouse and I think it goes perfectly. I really am in love with this outfit and I'm sure I'll be wearing it again very soon.

Blouse and Skirt - Vintage, revamped by me
Belt - by the amazing Cassie Stephens, a gift from my Sweetheart
Shoes - Office

(Photos of me, as usual, by my Sweetheart)

Another Vintage Revamp success! Hurrah! 


Caroline C. said...

So cute! Great job! It's cool to see other people's projects and find inspiration.

Tasha said...

Really cute!

Miss Katie said...

Thank you guys, I'm loving this revamp :)

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