Friday, 14 January 2011

Vintage Revamp #1 - Red Blouse

This is the first of my vintage revamp projects! I found this red blouse at the Vintage Kilo Sale in London, and I fell in love with the cute pattern of the fabric. However it hung off the hanger like a deflated balloon, so I knew that it would need a good going over before I would wear it!
The blouse pre-tart-up
It fits perfectly in the shoulders and the length is just right too, but the side seams need to come in a couple of inches on each side, and the sleeves need some work too. I also really need to do something about those awful white plastic buttons...

I started by taking in the side seams to give the blouse a more fitted look, and at once you can see it looks heaps better!
So there was a figure under there!
I also took up the sleeves a good couple of inches, making cute little cap sleeves as opposed to the strange not-quite-sure-what-length-we-want-to-be things that the blouse had before. And for a final flourish I used some excess red fabric from a previous project of mine and made up a big bow which I sewed around the neck line to give a pussy-bow look. And voila! 
The finished article!

I still need to replace those awful tacky buttons, but other than that I can say that I'm satisfied with my day's work. As soon as the weather picks up I'll get outside and get some pictures of me in this new little number, but until then happy Friday!


Tilly said...

Hi Katie, thanks for your lovely email! I'm glad you like my blog. I like yours too! I really admire your goal to make all your clothes this year. I took a no shopping pledge for 6 months which totally transformed my relationship with shopping. Well... I had a slight relapse the other day but I've got over it.

Oh and I LOVE this blouse! The bow really makes it.

Miss Katie said...

Thanks so much Tilly. And I'm sure I'm going to have a relapse or three, there's a lot of temptation out there!

rosie-alia said...

What a great revamp, this looks much much better now!xx

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