Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #14

Hello everyone and a very happy Wednesday to you all! The weather in the UK over the last couple of days has been absolutely glorious, we've been so lucky to have April without the showers for a change (touch wood!). Anyway, all this beautiful sunshine has got me dreaming of beach holidays and swimsuits, so I thought I'd share these pictures, for inspiration, get the old creative juices flowing as we approach summer! I know that if I can I'll be making some kind of vintage beach ensemble for the hot hot hot months :)

Girls just want to have fun :)

Yes, I think I WILL take one in every colour please!

Vintage swimsuits are just much more flattering than modern ones!

Gorgeous aren't they :) And now here are some other bits of wonderfulness to brighten up your midweek, enjoy!
  • It's Easter weekend this weekend, so make sure you get your hot cross buns baking! The marvelous Joy the Baker shows you how.
  • My need for a haircut has quadrupled since I read Lucille's post about basic haircuts for 1940s styling. The hair needs to be cut well for the styles to work well, so to the salon I must go!
  • Wendy of "The Butterfly Balcony" posted about her gorgeous Audrey inspired LBD, it makes me want to watch "Tiffany's" again :)
  • Portia's draft along starts this week, be sure to get involved, it's going to be awesome!
  • And finally a bit of fun from Glamour Daze, a flapper slang guide from the 20s. I think these terms should definitely be used more in modern life, although I'm not sure how my Sweetheart would feel about being called my "Goof"! But he's definitely the cat's particulars :)
Bye for now!


Vintage Girl said...

Love the suits, I'll take one in every color too! I agree they look nicer than the modern suits of today.

Anonymous said...

lovely vintage pics
i visited oxford at the weekend - did not venture onto the water though, only alongside!
and off i go to read the flapper slang, thanks for sharing the links :-)

Miss Katie said...

Vintage Girl - I know, I'm a little hesitant about wearing a modern two piece suit, but these vintage ones would hide all the lumps and bumps :)

aviewintomyworld - I hope you had a good time in Oxford, I really love it there, get on a boat net time if you can it's great fun :) Thanks for your comments they are very much appreciated!

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