Friday, 1 April 2011

"The Party Dress Book" Dress - Fabric

You may remember my quick review of the marvelous "Party Dress Book" earlier this week, and my wanting to have a crack at the beautiful layered silk organza dress. Well today I got my fabric and I'm so excited to get started, I just know it's going to look great!

My base fabric is this yummy looking green taffeta, really rustley and sticky outy (and yes those are technical terms). It reminds me of the type of party dresses that were around when I was a child, only this will be a grown up version :)

Green taffeta, modeled by Gladys :) 

And the yumminess just continues with this flocked netting that I'm going to use over the taffeta. The net is really soft to the touch, and of course the velvet dots are pleasantly furry, so all in all it's very pleasing fabric.

Flocked dots! Hurrah :)

When layering them together you can start to see how much more depth the fabric has. It looks really opulent and fancy, these photos don't really do it justice! It's going to be a beautiful dress, I can't wait to flounce around in it at the Hurly Burly Show!

Lovely Layers

Super close up of yumminess!

I'm going to start cutting out my fabric tomorrow, I have until a week on Sunday to complete the dress so expect lots of updates on it's progress very soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Stella Rose said...

Wow, where did you order the dotted fabric from?

Miss Katie said...

Hey Stella Rose, I git the fabric on sale at a local John Lewis (UK department store), it was the end of the roll so I got it for a song :)

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