Saturday, 2 April 2011

"The Party Dress Book" Dress - Muslin

Hey there, I hope you've all been having a great weekend so far. I've been having a very productive day, mostly because I made my muslin for "The Party Dress Book" Dress. I wasn't sure whether or not to make a muslin for this project, but I decided I wanted to make sure that the fit was perfect before I went cutting into my pretty fabric all willy nilly! So this is how I spent my day:

1. Laying the pattern pieces out on spare fabric ready to cut.

2. Cutting out said pattern pieces

3. Sewing a guide line for the seam allowances (a technique I picked up after sewing along with Gertie)

4. Sewing the pieces together to make a kick ass muslin!

And here it is in all it's glory:

Voila! La Muslin!

This pattern really was a dream to put together, I literally needed to do no alterations AT ALL. I just cut out the size 4 pattern, sewed it up, and it fits perfectly! Mary Adams (the author of the marvelous "Party Dress Book") suggests making the dress with a little more room around the waist than necessary just for comfort, and this size even allows for that. The only thing that I will be altering when I cut the pieces out for real is the length of the bodice. Adams says in her book that she deliberately raises the waistline of her designs to create the appearance of longer legs, but I have quite a short body which doesn't need help to look any shorter, so I'm going to add an extra inch to the bodice length. Other than that it's all ready to go, so expect to see the next step soon - cutting out the fabric!

Happy Saturday everyone :)


Cherrie said...

wow very nice :D


Miss Katie said...

Thanks Cherrie :)

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