Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #91

Hello there lovely readers, happy Wednesday! We, here I am, at the start of my final venue for the tour, and in less than two weeks it will all be over. I am determined to enjoy these last few weeks as much as I can, and I'm happy to say that this week has been off to a flying start! I absolutely adore autumn (probably because it's my Birthday season!) and I am loving the fact that I can finally enjoy all the autumnal past times that I love so much :)

Images, Each Row from Left to Right:
1. A revisit to one of my favourite Manchester haunts 2. My new sewing space :) 3. Gingerbread bundt cake, swoon!
4. Homemade chicken teriyaki 5. Seasonal yarn! 6. Homemade beef stew with herby dumplings
7. Gingerbread cake with fresh whipped cream 8. I need this phone in my life! 9. Ginger, lemon and honey infusion :)

This week there has been much tea drinking, hearty home cooking, spicy baking, knitting planning (I need at least a couple of new cardigans and sweaters!) and of course some fall/winter sewing planning. I literally cannot wait to show you my latest project, I'll give you a little teaser: it involves plaid :) Also my new-to-me sewing desk (a gorgeous 1940s piece I snagged from ebay) has finally arrived so I have set up my own little piece of heaven in a corner of the new flat. As soon as it's all organised I'll give you a little tour of my new oh-so-mini-yet-amazing sewing space. Things are definitely looking good in the world of Squirrels! For now I'm having a lovely time in Birmingham for the next two weeks, any suggestions for activities here for a sewing/knitting/vintage loving gal?

Anyways, enough about me, let's see what else has been going on in the blogosphere this week. Here are my personal picks:

So there you have it my lovely readers, another Wonderful filled Wednesday! I hope you all have marvellous weeks, and enjoy the start of autumn, I know I will!

Bye for now!

Katie xxx


Jessica Cangiano said...

Scrumptious looking nibbles - especially the bundt cake. Even if I was a millionaire (oh how I wish! :) ), I don't know if I could bring myself to spend that much on a single sewing pattern - no matter how gorgeous it was!

♥ Jessica

Ginger said...

Chocolate cream filled sugar doughnuts?!?! WHOA. Also-- your beef stew looks amazing! What recipe did you use?

Anna said...

Good luck on the last leg of your tour! And that sewing desk of your sounds gorgeous. Anna .x

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