Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Completed Ripple Blanket - at last!!

 I can finally give you an update on my second ever crochet blanket - it's finished!

This blanket has been weighing on my creative mind for a long time, I didn't feel like it would ever be finished! The actual design itself (found here on the fabulous blog Attic 24, an amazing source of crochet inspiration) is pretty simple and is great fun to do - I found crocheting this blanket very soothing and relaxing - but the problem was I didn't know when to stop! I used a repeat of six different colours, which I ended up repeating five times which created a pretty huge blanket (a lot of backstage crocheting hours went into this creation!). But at last it's finished, and just in time for the chilly weather :)

 The main purpose of this blanket at the moment is to help hide our uber-gross rental sofa, an off-cream leather monstrosity that taunts me with it's lack of style. The curse of renting a place means that no matter how much you long for a 1950s mad men-esque blue/green couch you are stuck with what you've been provided for at least a year, so you just have to suck it up and make it work. So until I have the time (and the funds!) to run up a cover for this sofa in some pretty fabric I will disguise it with soft wooly blankets!

Until we have room for a puppy of our own these pillows will have to suffice! I want a little pug baby so badly! 

Did I mention what my choice of a second dog would be...? :)

I really couldn't have finished this blanket at a better time, as it has already kept me and my Sweetheart warm on the sofa and nice and cosy in bed, it's certainly worth the time it took to make! I love it and it has definitely solidified my love of all things crochet, but I think it's time that I brought out my knitting needles for my next project, I have missed them.

Do you like my above-the-sofa print? I just love it!

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely readers!

Bye for now!

Katie xxx

8 comments: said...

What a beautiful blanket Katie, well done indeed! It looks fab draped over your sofa and I adore your cushions and the print above the sofa. Perfect!!!

Corinne said...

Dear Katie, love reading about your adventures, sewing, crocheting and otherwise! When I saw this blanket I had to comment. In 1967 I was in Medical Residence training in a large State Mental Health Facility. As students we had large amounts of down time and nowhere to go. It was a long, cold and dreary winter. A dear friend taught me to crochet. I made this blanket! I still have it. It was the beginning of many projects over the years. May there be many more in your future as well.

Kerry said...

Just lovely - I really must try crocheting again so I can attempt to make something as lovely as this!

ozzyblackbeard said...

It's gorgeous! And I love the colours you've used. :)

Ginger said...

Beautifully done! Love this blanket! I'm a pug owner, but my first love was dachshunds, so I'm loving your pillows!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Wonderful job! I really like the cheerful palette you opted for. It's punchy and upbeat, but not glaringly bright and will clearly work well in/on a multitude of different coloured pieces of furniture and rooms.

♥ Jessica

LandGirl1980 said...


lynnewill said...

You and I are in some weird burmuda triagle of projects as my mom just purchased yarn for me to make a ripple afghan and I am making a lined faux fur cape.... love your ripple goodness, very pretty and I am looking forward to hearing more about your cape project

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