Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gorgeous Glasgow

Hello there lovely readers! I'd thought I'd give you an update of some of my final adventures around the UK as the tour is coming to an end. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to find myself in the gorgeous city of Glasgow, and what a marvellous time I had there!

I was lucky enough to receive some fabulous advice on what to do and where to wander from the fabulous Kerry of Kestrel Finds and Makes, so I knew that I had a great trip in store. Thank you so much for your help Kerry, you made my trip so much better than it would have been!

One of the many beautiful sights of Glasgow!

My first stop on my Glasgow adventure was the lovely yarn shop/cafe, the Yarn Cake. This sweet little shop is stuffed to the gills with gorgeous yarns, including blends that are only produced in Glasgow or Scotland, it was heavenly! Plus the cake and tea selection on offer make me ridiculously happy (you all know how I love my cake!)

Keep Knitting and Eat Cake - now that's a mantra I can live by!

I could happily have spent hours in the Yarn Cake browsing the yarns in an environment that was full of the delicious smell of baking cakes, but I restrained myself and only stayed for long enough to munch up a slice of lemon and white chocolate loaf followed by a pit of fresh peppermint tea. I may also have indulged in a few skeins of some stunning scarlet lace weight yarn, but it really wasn't my fault. What was a knitting obsessive to do under such circumstances?!

Miney mine mine mine!

Next on the agenda was a spot of vintage shopping, and Kerry had given me the names of several places in visit whilst I was in the Northern Quarter, my favourite of which was definitely Starry Starry Night. Now I am pretty much a seasoned vintage shopper, I know what I like and I know within about 30 seconds of entering any vintage shop whether or not they will stock the kind of things that I would want to buy. Many times I have been told about a fabulous vintage shop by a friend only to be disappointed by the mostly 1980s stock (brilliant for some, but just not my personal taste!). Well my experience at Starry Starry Night couldn't have been more different. This is one of those stores where vintage items dream of coming when they grow up. It was vintage heaven!

What could be behind those doors?

Behind the quite unassuming shopfront lurks a treasure trove stuffed with goodness from all my favourite eras. I spotted some gorgeous 1950s boudoir slippers tucked in next to some stunning lace gloves and a victorian topper, I could have browsed all day! The dresses for sale were mostly evening wear, not many 1940s or 50s day dresses when I visited, so I think they are much more used to catering for special events as apposed to the everyday vintage wearer, but the dresses were so pretty I will forgive them :) There was also a great selection of brooches and costume jewellery, I was very tempted to buy! I didn't make a purchase at Starry Starry Night, mostly due to my splurge on yarn, but if I ever visit again I will definitely be coming cash in hand!

Oooo... shiny!

My final stop on my Glasgow day of fun and joy was my favourite. It's a miracle I walked out of there with any money left in my account at all! I am talking about the marvellous Mandors, purveyors of fine fabrics and all round magical place. Kerry wasn't kidding when she told me that this place had the best fabric selective in the city! Everywhere you looked were rolls and rolls of gorgeous fabrics, it was incredible!

Just look at it!!!

I honestly think that if I lived close to a place like this that I would never be able to pay my rent on time, but I would have an incredible stash! It really was a magical place, I spent a good hours just wandering about stroking fabrics and cooing over pretty patterns (the shop assistants probably thought I was a right loon!). I knew I couldn't leave without making a purchase, and in the end the decided on some tartan, I was in Scotland after all! When I was in Edinburgh last year I bought some stunning wool tartan (that I've actually started to cut into recently!), so I decided that this time I would buy something lighter with more drape, a dress-weight tartan. I already have a project all planned and ready for this tartan, it's fate is sealed (I'll give you a clue, it's one of the projects from Gertie's Book of Better Sewing! Ooo what could it be!). I'll wait for the big reveal of this project to show you the fabric, but rest assured, it's swoon-worthy!

Which tartan could be mine...?!

In conclusion Glasgow is definitely worth a visit for the crafty/vintage minded gal, I had such a wonderful time and would love to visit again soon. Hopefully when the tour is finished I will be able to take a trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow together, I enjoyed staying in both of these cities so much, plus some of the best bloggers I know call these cities home! Naming no names (Kerry and Debi!!!). :)

I cannot wait to start sewing with my beautiful Scottish tartans, to remind me of those beautiful cities and the wonderful time I had there. I really have gone a bit mad for plaid recently, but more on that another time!

Bye for now lovely readers!

Katie xxx


Jessica Cangiano said...

What wonderfully fun looking trip! I especially like the keep eating cake and knitting spin on the classic keep calm posters. Very cute! :)

♥ Jessica

Kerry (Kestrel) said...

Glad you had such a great time and enjoyed the recommendations :) That yarn looks gorgeous. I do love Mandors too, it's very hard to leave there without spending any money!

Hazel Berryman said...

Hi Katie, looks like you had an awesome time in Glasgow! I actually work in Mandors and can tell you that it's hard not to spend all my wages in there on payday! I can't wait to see what you make out of the your Tartan! Hazel x

Hazel Berryman said...

Hi Katie, looks like you had an awesome time in Glasgow! I work in Mandors and can tell you that it's hard not to spend all my wages in there on payday! I can't wait to see what you make out of the your Tartan! Hazel x

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