Friday, 21 October 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #40 (I know, it's so not Wednesday right now!) + a new Haircut!

Hi lovely readers, greetings from Oxfordia!

I know, I've been a very naughty blogger, once again my Wednesday Wonderfuls post is not on a Wednesday, you must all think that I have a real problem with being able to tell which day of the week it is! Basically it's all been going on what with our first big move of venue with the show and settling into a new way of living in Oxford - although obviously I'm so thrilled to be here, it's so awesome! - but to make up for once again not posting my Wonderfuls on time I'm also going to share with you some shots of my new haircut. Ooooooo!

What with having to constantly put my hair up in pin curls under a wig cap for the show I realised that longer hair was just not going to be an option for me right now, I was leaving the theatre looking as if I hedgehog had been nesting in my do, so I booked an appointment at The Painted Lady salon on my day off and once again those wonderful ladies worked their magic. Here's my new look:

With beret...

Without beret!

I hope you're loving this look as much as I am! It's so nice to have manageable hair again, plus it looks so cute with hats, which is just perfect for the cold weather :) go to The Painted Lady, they work hair miracles!

Anyway, let's get down to the main event, the Wednesday (ok, not quite!) Wonderfuls! Here they are in all their glory:
I hope you've enjoyed this week's Wonderfuls as much as I have, join me again for more posts soon, right now me and my new hair have got a date with Oxford!

Bye for now!


Sarah said...

Your hair looks divine! Also, thankyou for all the great links, made my friday a lot better! x

Jess said...

This hair is lovely!! I am glad you are enjoying Oxford, I have some very good friends there and am thinking of moving there myself actually:)
You have to go the The Ballroom on The Plain, at the bottom of the high street, just over Magdalen bridge.My friend owns it and its one of the best vintage shops :)

Jess x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the haircut! It looks beautiful. And the ruby red hat goes so well with it! I really enjoyed the Wednesday Wonderfuls, as usual. (It definitely doesn't matter what day they get posted on. They're good any time!)

Kate O said...

The haircut looks so classy on you! Oh, I wish my hair could hold a curl! x

Liz said...

Your hair is beautiful!

Faff said...

I love your new hair, so pretty! :)

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