Monday, 10 October 2011

A Practically Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was a blissful Sunday, my day off from theatre-land, so I decided to spend the day doing only things that I love. So I cooked, baked, sewed, knitted and found myself watching and re-watching episodes of Downton Abbey (seriously, who knew TV could be this good? I'm hopelessly addicted...). More on the sewing and knitting soon, but for now I want to focus on the baking.

You may remember from this post that I was lusting after a copy of The Vintage Tea Party Book, and, lucky old me, I was given a copy from my beautiful Sweetheart for my Birthday and I just couldn't wait to try some of the recipes out! Now as I am currently staying away from home and without all my fancy baking aids I decided to keep things simple and try a fairly basic recipe, and luckily this is also one of my very favourites: Scones.

I adore scones, seriously I cannot get enough of them, they are a solid favourite of both myself and my Sweetheart so I thought it would be in everyone best interests for me to know how to whip some up, so a-whipping-up I went. And of course I couldn't choose whether or not to try savoury or sweet scones, so I decided to make both :) it was definitely scone o'clock in my digs yesterday!

I used two of Angel's marvellous recipes, her basic scone recipe for the sweet scones, and then I adapted her brie and walnut recipe for the savoury - I used cheddar cheese and bacon instead. And my goodness my lovely readers, these scones are an absolute dream! The recipes were very clear and simple to follow and the scones that were produced were nothing short of divine, even if I do say so myself. I was very popular indeed with my housemates, let me tell you :) I have made scones before, but they were no where near as light and fluffy and tasty as the ones I made today, this is definitely going to become my go-to scone recipe. I must admit that the rather rustic finish of these scones may not be to all tastes (I could just hear Mary Berry from The Great British Bake-Off telling me off for lack of consistency in their size and shape - has anyone else been watching that? Another brilliant programme, and very addictive too!) but I enjoyed the fact that I could simply shape these scones myself, plus they're so yummy I didn't mind that they looked a little rough around the edges. I mean, just look at them...

The Savoury Scones (Cheddar Cheese and Bacon)

Scones are my friends!

A close-up on the yumminess

These are so tasty that they need nothing more than a bit of butter and you're good to go. Delicious both hot and cold, and I know because I ate them both ways yesterday :)

The Sweet Scones (plain and classic)

Hot out of the oven, just waiting for their good friend jam :)

A close up of the golden goodness

These scones were melt in the mouth pieces of scone heaven, quite probably some of the best scones I have ever eaten, and believe me I have eaten my fair few! This recipe is amazing, everyone should use it right now, go forth and make scones!!

Considering that this is my first try of some recipes from The Vintage Tea Party Book I am completely blown away with how easy, clear and delicious the recipes were, I cannot wait to get back into the kitchen and try out some more of them! This book is fast becoming a firm favourite with me and I really couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Scones anyone? 

Now if you'll forgive me I have to dash because I do believe I can hear some little scone-sounding voices calling from the kitchen. They seem to be saying "Eat me! Eat me!" and I suppose it would be rude to ignore them...

Nom nom nom...

Bye for now!


LandGirl1980 said...

Nom nom indeed!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... Those look delicious! I think I need some bacon and cheddar scones in my life. (Maybe with some onion too. Oh the possibilities!) Then I'd have something better to take to school than sandwiches all the time.

Luna said...

I am wondering if I shoud get this book :D

Jess said...

I have just bought this book because it is BEAUTIFUL but I haven't had the time to try out the recipes yet but you have motivated me to try very soon, tonight even :)

Jess x

Ps. you are not the only one addicted to Downton!!

Miss Marie said...

My man got me this for my birthday as well. So far, I've just leafed through, admiring the prettiness, but perhaps I ought to get baking. Problem is, he doesn't have a sweet tooth so I'd have to munch through the results on my own, which isn't nearly so fun. Unless I take my produce into work, perhaps?

Liz said...

They look delicious!

Hannah said...

Wow three of my favourite things bacon, cheese and scones I need to make these! x

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