Saturday, 15 October 2011

Manchester Adventures - Pin Up Bowling

I have to admit that some of my favourite moments during my time in Manchester have been at the Pin Up pop up bowling alley and bar. This place is amazing!

The inside of this cute little pop up venue contains a diner, a bar and a bowling alley all decorated in the style of 1950s rock and roll. Plus as you sit and munch on burgers or sip milkshakes you are treated to a divine mix of 50s music, there is even a dance floor if you feel in the mood to do the twist :) This venue is just great, plus it's going to be hosting all kinds of events before it heads off to it's next location in November, including a vintage fashion show (with free goodie bags!) and a whole host of live performances. Get your butts down there if you are in the Manchester area, believe me it's worth it!

During my time in Manchester I have paid a couple of visits to Pin Up, both at night to bowl and party and during the day to check out the food on offer, and every time I have had a blast.

Firstly the food is incredible, I was expecting simple diner food, but this place takes burgers and milkshakes to the next level! Everything that is served is sourced as locally as possible and as much of the preparation and cooking is done by hand as possible, basically you're not going to find any frozen food here. Each burger is made from prime steak mince and is beautifully prepared, and the chips are all hand sliced. You can tell from the flavour how much love and attention has gone into this food, I had a Chilli Cheese dog and it changed my life :) And the milkshakes, don't get me started on the milkshakes! You can choose from a selection of flavours (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, banana or mint chocolate) and they are so yummy one just might not be enough. Plus they combined chocolate and banana in a single shake for me so I will love them forever :)

At night the venue becomes a party zone filled with cocktails, music and bowling fun, and yes myself and the other members of my cast may have taken over all four of the bowling lanes after a show one night... We all had a brilliant time, the staff were all very friendly and accommodating, the drinks were wonderful and plus we all got to try out our bowling skills, some more successfully than others! I am proud to say that I did manage to knock down a few pins, and for me that's a real achievement :) More people should bowl together, it's fun!

The Pin Up bar

Let's do some bowling!

I highly recommend the Pin Up experience, if you can do try and visit before it heads off to it's next location, I have heard it will be in Dublin when I'm performing there too, I cannot wait to visit again!

I spent the entire time I was there pretending I was in this movie...


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Hannah said...

Oh my thank you so much for sharing this I had heard nothing about it definitely will be making a trip tomorrow! xx

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