Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #21

Hello and a very happy Wednesday to you all. Munich has been brilliant so far, it's such a beautiful city, and it helps that the weather has suddenly turned into full on summer. All that vitamin E has made us all very happy :) I also seen some pretty fabulous things including a man walking his pet parrot (literally taking his parrot out for a stroll!), dachshunds galore and the following vespa of dreams:

All vespas should be pink. Simples.

I've actually had some time to myself since the show has started again and I'm no longer in rehearsals all day, so here is my weekly roundup of Wonderfuls give your day a bit of joy :) There's been some great posts this week, so I hope you enjoy my personal favourites:
  • As someone who's always loved dogs and who longs for one of her own, this post by Q's Daydream just about melted my heart!
  • Anybody else love banana and strawberry smoothies and sweets? Well now, thanks to Joy the Baker, we have the amazingness of Brown Butter Banana and Strawberry Bread be still my beating heart.
  • Tilly wrote this interesting post about becoming an Advanced Level Stitcher through the projects and challenges that you set yourself. It's really inspired me to push my boundaries when it comes to my "Make-Not-Buy" Challenge.
  • There have been some gorgeous projects posted on Sew Weekly this week, my favourites being this beautiful Raspberry Sorbet Dress by Debi and this gorgeous Blue and White Parasol Dress by Adey Lim.
  • Vixen Vintage posted some beautiful photos from a Yearbook from 1947, great if you're looking for inspiration for a 40s student-esque look.
  • If like me you're a Dita Von Teese fan then you'll love this video of one of her LA performances, posted by Miss Twinkle. As always I am overwhelmed with just how flawlessly stunning Miss Von Teese is :)
  • And finally, this post by Yours Truly is making me dream about my return to London so I can go on some lovely vintage day trips, her London Date sounds like it was perfect!
That's it from me for today, but you'll be hearing more from me soon!

Bye for now, or should I say Auf Wiedersehen? :)


Anonymous said...

Oooh Munich! I went there once on a school trip, and it was in the spring. Everything was just lovely. It was one of my favourite places. Glad to hear you're having such a great time! I enjoyed your links. The Sew Weekly summer dress theme was awesome.

Miss Katie said...

mala-14 - Munich is so beautiful, I have loved every minute of it here, I'll be posting some pictures really soon, it's so pretty I have to share!

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