Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Three Happy Things...

... that brightened up my day today.

1. Fabric Love 

I visited Walthamstow Market (with my ever patient Sweetheart in tow) and stocked up on some fabric naughtiness. I could hardly believe how little this stash set me back, it was like a fabric miracle :) I will definitely be heading back there again!

Yummy x4 :)

2. Magazine Love

I nabbed a copy of Mollie Makes for myself on my way home from Walthamstow, it's been getting so much coverage on the old blogosphere that I just couldn't resist. I must admit that after a brief perusal on the tube it has impressed me, I can't wait to give it a proper read. I'll be sure to give you my thoughts on it soon!
Yummy looking magazine filled with yummies!

3. Embroidery Love

I think this may be the happiest thing to happen to me today. My order from Sublime Stitching arrived! I actually cannot wait to get started on these little babies, I have big plans for them, but more on that at a later date... :)

Embroidery is... yummy!

On the making front my knitting is starting to look like it could take over the world and my Shirt to Skirt project is coming on very nicely (expect Part 3 very soon!). 

I hope your day has been filled with yummy makes and happy things :)


MissGinger said...

i am going to have to take a look at Molly makes! great fabric.x

Miss Katie said...

Miss Ginger - I would recommend it, it's a great read, nice to see something a bit different in the sewing/crafting magazine world :)

Wendy said...

Walthamstow market is totally bargainous for fabric! Living Walthamstow I find it very hard to resist the many temptaions on offer for £1 a meter, hence I have oodles of fabric without specific projects to use them on!

Oh and if you ever need a W'stow shopping partner I'm there:)

Miss Katie said...

Wendy - I was overwhelmed by the fabric! I'm so used to seeing fabric for upwards for £6 a metre, I had to really exercise self restraint! Myabe be should have a Walthamstow fabric excursion :)

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