Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #19

A dachshund in a trench coat. Genius. (source)

Hello there readers, happy Wednesday to you all! I hope you're enjoying the above picture. I figured what better way to brighten up someone's midweek than a picture of a dachshund? Particularly an amazing one in a coat! And a big hello to my new readers too, you'll soon get used to my love of the dachshunds :)

This has been a good week for blog posts, I've been heartily intrigued and inspired by so many of you! Here are some of the best for your Wednesday Wonderful viewing pleasure.

  • Scallop edging seems to be everywhere at the moment, and I'm not complaining because I'm loving the style! Gertie posted this beautiful 1950s scalloped day dress as one of her daily dresses, it is swoon-fully beautiful! Casey posted about her most recent creation, a scalloped skirt which made me start dreaming of one of my own. And luckily for me, Grosgrain's free pattern month included a scallop skirt this week! Hurrah, scallops for all!
  • I know you may be tired of me going on about "A Stitch in Time, Volume 2" - seriously I'm so excited about it! - but I had to share this beautiful video with you, which includes sneak peaks of several of the patterns included in the book. It's slightly worrying that I love them all, I may put myself into debt trying to knit them all... :)
  • From beautiful knits to beautiful food! Heart Handmade UK posted about Hello Naomi this week, I don't think I've ever seen more beautiful cakes and treats! I also NEED to make one of these rainbow cakes, that would make me ridiculously happy :)
  • Debi wrote a guest post for Tilly this week, all about increasing your sewing productivity, and - as I'm sure you know if you follow her blog and have seen some of her incredible creations - she really is the expert when it comes to these things. I mean, 18 beautiful outfits in 17 weeks! Debi you are officially my idol :)
  • And finally I just had to share a couple of outfit posts from Vixen Vintage. She always looks gorgeous, but this blue and pink ensemble and this cardigan and skirt get up really caught my eye this week.

That's it from me today, but I hope you all have a marvelous rest of the week :)


Rhia said...

Scallops! We all love them :D I was actually also thinking of making that scallop skirt since its quick and easy side project to make (and I really need wider skirt, since most of my skirts are pencil skirts or similar).
And that pink and blue ensemble from Solanah was absolutely adorable!

Maydy May said...

That picture is utterly adorable....aaawww!! :)

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