Friday, 13 May 2011

Just Another Day at the Office :)

Well, not quite! Last night I was lucky enough to go to the London premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean 4, On Stranger Tides" with my Sweetheart and his dad. It was a crazy experience like nothing I've ever known, I even got to walk the red (well actually blue!) carpet!

Pretending to be famous! 

Check out those crowds and those paps! 

My Sweetheart and I on the red carpet

Like I said it was a real experience! We watched the film on the biggest screen I have ever seen, got free popcorn, and got to rub shoulders with some pretty incredible people (Johnny Depp, be still my beating heart!) although the majority of the stars didn't actually stay to watch the film, I suppose watching yourself over and over can become tedious after a while...

I must admit that the actual film didn't completely rock my world. I enjoyed it, but I think the whole idea is getting a bit tired now, particularly after the car crashes of Pirates 2 and 3. Perhaps if this film had come directly after the first one I would have been more interested, it certainly did have some very entertaining moments. If you enjoy the world of POTC then go and see it, you'll most probably enjoy it, but don't expect anything new or extraordinary. It's good fun, but nothing ever really grips you.

Much more fun for me was the after party, at the restaurant Massimo in the incredible Corinthia Hotel. I got to pretend that I too was a film star, as the real stars of the film glided about the party drinking cocktails and eating canapes. It was very surreal, I felt like I was walking through a dream. A brilliant dream though :)

At the after party

The incredible Massimo

It was a fantastic experience. Although I would say that I was a little disappointed by what most of the women there were wearing. Of course I wasn't expecting many if any other vintage enthusiasts like myself, but I did find the army of blonde, tanned women in mini dresses a bit of a let down. Not that I have anything against blonde hair or tans or mini dresses, but is it really necessary to wear them like a uniform? I'm used to being out of place in the way that I dress, but at this do just the fact that my hair wasn't uniformly straight made me stick out like a sore thumb! Maybe it's just me, but I wish people would wear what they really wanted to, not just what everyone else is wearing. 

I hope you've all be having a great week, filled with adventures of your own! Have a brilliant weekend everyone.


Toni Jo said...

You looked absolutely beautiful!

LandGirl1980 said...

You look amazing as always and much better than some permatanned thing with her breakfast on show. Eugh. I bet you got really noticed for looking so fab.


Miss Katie said...

Toni Jo - Thank you so much!

LandGirl1980 - Thanks! I am glad I didn't look like one of the clones, I'm be the same colour as my hair if I tried fake tan! And yes, Johnny Depp! If I'd wanted to I could have touched him! Although I'm pretty sure the two heavies he had with him may have taken my arm :)

Isis said...

You look wonderful! And how nice to almost be able to touch Johnny Depp. :D

Wendy said...

Wow sooooo jealous, you look amazing your dress is perfect old School Hollywood Glamour!

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