Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #2

Allow me to add a little sparkle to your midweek with some little pieces of wonderfulness!

  • Debi made the most beautiful 1930s dress recently, I guarantee you will be awed by its splendor :)
  • Tilly is hosting a giveaway of Fancy Moon Fabric, they have some gorgeous stuff so enter to make sure you don't miss out
  • I think that Rachel's method for continuous bias tape is quite brilliant, I shall be trying it out very soon I'm sure!
  • I started following a new blog this week, "Bobbins and Bombshells", Karen who writes it has a great sense of style, with a lovely vintage feel. Well worth a read!
  • And finally, on a lighter note, I've been searching online for some Valentines recipes, and after looking at Joy the Baker's blog I found her recipe for heart shaped dipped krispie treats. They look easy and budget friendly as well as being great fun and yummy, so you can't really go wrong :)

I'm feeling very happy at the moment for various reasons, one being that I've just started a new job at the glorious sweetshop Hope and Greenwood - surrounded by vintage sweeties all day and encouraged to dress in a retro fashion, heaven! - and another being this blog. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me so far, I hope you're enjoying what you read and I'll endeavor to provide you with some good reading material! I'll leave you with a picture of my lovely new workplace.

I get to work here!
Happy Wednesday everyone :)


Casey said...

Oooh! I may have to try those heart-spaced rice treats soon! And wow--what a neat place to work--congrats!!!!

♥ Casey

Miss Katie said...

Thanks Casey! I know, isn't it lovely? :) Although it's a little dangerous being surrounded by temptation all day! Katie

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