Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dreaming of Dreamy Coats

Hi everyone! No joy on the swing dress for me today, the process of sewing the bodice is still evading me, so I decided to take things easy today and just catch up on some knitting (I'm working on Enchanting in Black and White and it's going very well, pictures to follow as soon as it's finished!) and watch some Hustle.

For those of you who don't know, Hustle is a BBC program about a group of con artists based in London, and it's great fun, although a little far fetched as they get away with it every episode,  no matter how well prepared the other party seems to be! Anyway, the reason I am bringing up Hustle is that today when watching it I spotted what could be the coat of my dreams and I just had to share it with you!
I've seen Jaime Murray (who plays Stacey) wear this coat in a number of episodes and the more I see it the more it makes me happy. It is a beautiful cut for one thing, fitting closely on the bodice and being nipped in at the waist before flaring out into the full skirt. And although the picture doesn't show this very well the back of the coat is slightly longer than the front giving the coat a really dramatic look. And don't even get my started on the embroidered flowers! And the cord detail on the waist band! This coat is just painfully pretty, it makes my heart ache! I wasn't able to find any good pictures of the back of the coat for you but it looks very similar to this pattern:
Vogue 8626
It has the same pleat in the back as the picture above, only of course the coat of dreams is to the floor. Now I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to add an evening coat to my wardrobe this year. Now I was leaning towards a more vintage look, a double breasted navy coat with a large fur collar, something like this:
Vogue 8346
But now I'm not sure. If I could have a shot at creating the Hustle coat I would be a very happy bunny indeed, and I would love brushing up my embroidery skills with all those beautiful flowers. Plus, Rachel has just added and amazing surface cording tutorial to the Colette website, which would be perfect for the waist band! 

I just can't choose, what do you think readers? I love to hear your opinions :) I'll leave you with some more detailed pictures of the Hustle coat, it's just too pretty not to!!

Happy weekend everyone :)


Lisa's Lair said...

I also adore this coat that "Stacie" wears!!!! I am thinking i will have to make one!!! Well, buy a cream coat and do the embroidery!!!

Miss Katie said...

It's gorgeous isn't it? I think you should give it a go, and then take lots of pictures so I can see it!

cabbie413 said...

omg i was just looking for the name of this coat! it's fabulous!

Melissa Shanhun said...

Yes I totally love it (even my husband likes it!)

Enferdame said...

My sister just lead me to this coat (I'm watching Hustle, but I'm seasons behind her). It's so pretty! I actually did make her a coat in the pattern you posted. It was my first attempt at a coat. there are a few things I'm not as happy with, the sleeve set for one, but she (and by extension I) get loads of compliments on it!

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