Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #1

Wednesdays can be dreary things - you still have a whole other half of the week to go before you get to the weekend! - so I felt the need to banish those midweek blues with some bits of loveliness that have been making me happy. Enjoy!

  • I'm very excited to find out that A Stitch in Time Volume 2 is now available for pre-order (after my gushing post yesterday about Volume 1 I'm sure you can tell why!) with 60 new patterns to peruse. Happy days my fellow knitters!
  • Casey shows us how to spice up a plain cardigan with some gorgeous and too cute embroidery
  • I wish I'd had this anatomy of dressing when it's really cold to help me when we were being snowed in during December, I  could have looked stylish rather than like a snow beast!
  • Shae gives us a little look into the fashion of Boardwalk Empire, my new favourite television show.
  • I'd love to give one of Charlotte's 1940s pillbox hats a go...

And to finish a picture of me in my new jumper, as promised (although the weather here is still awful so it had to be an indoor shot, and the lighting still isn't brilliant, but there you go!) 

New jumpers make me happy
Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

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