Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fabric Fabric Everywhere

Yummy fabric!

Happy fabric day to me! There's something very satisfying about having a beautiful piece of uncut fabric just waiting to become a new garment, and, lucky old me, I have two such pieces of fabric today. These are supplies for the next two sew-alongs I'm going to take part in: Tasia's Pendrell Blouse sew-along and Casey's Swing Dress sew-along.

1. Pendrell Blouse Sew-along

Silk-satin modeled helpfully by Gladys 

For the pendrell blouse I selected this beautiful dusty pink silk-satin from one of my favourite fabric shops in Soho. It didn't come cheap, nearly £40 for 3 metres, but the drape is so gorgeous that I just couldn't resist! I think this blouse has the possibility of becoming a real favourite of mine.

2. Swing Dress Sew-along

Looking good Gladys!

For the Swing dress I found this gorgeous floral crepe on ebay - a steal at £13 for 3 metres including postage - and it arrived in the post the morning after I ordered it! It really is lovely stuff, and I think it'll look great in the 1940s style of the swing dress.

So I'm full of excitement about projects to come, and my Crepe sew-along is also coming along nicely. Basically I'm enjoying my weekend immensely and I hope you are too. I'll be back soon, but bye for now!

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Minnietheminks said...

Hello Miss Katie, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think the best advice is to write about what you love, which you do! Keep posts short and sweet with great images. I look at other peoples blogs and see what I think works from there too. I think my blog is sometimes a bit random and I am looking to introduce some themes, but maybe being random is how I am... so who knows. Will take a good read of your blog from now on :) x

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